How to Create Mockups in Canva

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Many of you might be wondering what a mockup is. Let us make it easier for you. A mockup is a real-like model of a design or device, used for product presentations or other purposes in various fields. You can now create mockups in Canva. One more new feature like mockups in canva is to add Infographics in the Canva. Creating mockups in canva is very easy and can be done by everyone.

How To Create Mockups In Canva (Step By Step)

Create Mockups in Canva in 7 Steps

Step-1 Open the Canva app: If you do not have a canva installed phone then, there are 2 ways to download it as mentioned below.

  • Playstore App
  • App Store
  • You can also use canva on your desktop.
Image titled create mockups in Canva Step 1

Step-2 Click on the image: This step is very simple, just click on the '+' icon on the screen and then upload the image that you want to add.

Image titled create mockups in Canva Step 2

Step-3 Tap on 'Effects':

After uploading the image in the previous step, click on 'Effects'. This option is available in the bar at the bottom of your screen among many other tabs like templates, fonts and media uploads.

Image titled create mockups in Canva Step 3

Step-4 Look for Smartmockups from the editor panel: Once you click on 'Effects', you will be able to see the option named 'Smartmockups', just click on that.

Image titled create mockups in Canva Step 4

Step-5 After clicking, various mockup options will appear:

You can choose from a wide range of mockups in the Smartmocups sections such as Laptop Mockups, Greeting Cards, Frames, and many more.

Image titled create mockups in Canva Step 5

Step-6 Click on your chosen option: You can see the mockup version of the design that you have selected. Do it by simply clicking on the design as many times as you want.

Image titled create mockups in Canva Step 6

Step-7 After clicking, your image will adjust in the mockup: After finally selecting the desired mockup, the image will automatically be adjusted in the mockup design.

Image titled create mockups in Canva Step 7

You have created your first mockup. Great Job! Now, you can easily download and save the mockup design on your device. Also, if you still have doubts about what a digital mockup is, you can read it here

What Are The Uses Of Mockups?

Mockups can be used to show or demonstrate your design to anyone before it is ready. You can think of it as a prototype but in a digital way. Prototypes are the working models of the final products. Before the product is ready to be brought into the market.

Why Are Mockups Important?

Mockups are important as they let us see the digital version of your projects or files. Thye also shows how they will look as a finished product. You can make the necessary changes at an earlier stage with their help. Also, being a little more organized never hurts. Right? Share your prepared design in canva with your friends.

What Should be the Size of a Mockup?

A mockup should not be greater than 1 GB. This is the maximum limit for a perfect digital mockup. If the mockup file gets too heavy in size, it will not function properly. It can lead to not so great first impression or presentation.

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