How to Crop in Canva App

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Made a design or want your image to be cropped on Canva? Because these are not the size you are looking for in your work. There are some of the elements, images, or videos that are not in the size per your need. Then, chopping them or cutting them in length or width is the only step to finding a suitable image. Now to crop in Canva app, you have to go through the below guide and follow the steps.

Crop a Picture Into a Circle Shape on Canva

You Can Crop In Canva App Using Few Simple Steps

Step-1 Open Canva app: If you don't have a Canva App installed on your phone. You can download Canva App on your laptop. Then go to the canva App. Then tap on it. Next, open the Canva App.

Image titled crop in Canva App Step 1

Step-2 Go to Editor. Upload Image direct from your gallery or choose from photos: Once you open the canva App. You can see the homepage of the App on your screen.

  • Now you have to go to the editor page.
  • Now here you can see the different options laying on the bottom toolbar of the page.
  • From the options, you can tap on the uploads option to add any image from your gallery.
  • Or else you can use any of the stocked images from canva.
Image titled crop in Canva App Step 2

Step-3 Double-Tap the element, image, or video that you want to crop: Once you upload the image of your choice. Then tap on the element, image, or a video you selected to crop on canva. Now you can see numerous options on the bottom toolbar. You have to click on the option of the crop.

Image titled crop in Canva App Step 3

Step-4 Tap and drag any crop handle to adjust what part of the element you want to be visible: Once you tap on the crop option, a blue prompt appears around the image you selected.

  • You can crop the image from anywhere by using the crop handle on the sides of the images.
  • You can increase or decrease the length and width of the image.
  • Plus you can even resize the element or image within the crop space limit as per your choice.
Image titled crop in Canva App Step 4

Step-5 Tap Done, or tap outside of the element to finish: Once you are done cropping your image. Then tap on the Done or else click outside the element to finish your cropping. Now your image or element is cropped according to your wish.

Image titled crop in Canva App Step 5

What Are The Other Options On the Editing Toolbar On The Bottom Side Of The Editor?

You can see various options on the toolbar such as Adjust, Crop, Flip, Animate, Transparency, Delete, Replace, Filter, Effects, Position, Nudge, Link, Lock, and comments.

Can You Crop Two Elements Or Image In The Same Design On Canva?

Yes, you can crop two elements or images in the same design on canva. You just have to upload the number of images you want to crop on Canva.

Can You Make Changes On The Orientation Of The Elements On Canva?

Elements orientation is a crucial aspect in designing and aligning them appropriately. You can do many things such as flip. Or you can even rotate your element on Canva.

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