How to Create Folders in Canva

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Would you like to create folders in Canva for arranging your designs in a better way? Then, don't go far. Here is a guide that will help you around with the problem. By creating different folders, you can separate out your designs and arrange them well. You can even share designs in Canva by sharing the entire folder. Let us get into the process before further detailing the topic.

Create Folders in Canva in 7 Steps

Step-1 Open Canva App: The mobile application of Canva can be very handy to use. So, open it directly from your phone to begin designing and creating folders.

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Step-2 Your Projects: On opening the application, you will land on its homepage. At the bottom of the screen, there are certain icons. They are Home, Your Projects, Canva Pro, and Menu. Go to the icon of Your Projects to take this process further.

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Step-3 Horizontal Three Dots: On the top-right corner, you see three dots arranged horizontally. Click on them to open a small menu of options.

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Step-4 New Folder: To create folders in Canva, click on the second option of New Folder.

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Step-5 Name the Folder: You must name the folder according to its requirement. Write any name that you desire.

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Step-6 Choose to Share: This is an optional step. If you want the folder just for yourself, then you do not need to follow it.

However, if you want to add any other members to the folder, as viewers or editors, then you can do so from here. Add the team or anyone's email address whom you would like to invite.

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Step-7 Tap on Create the Folder: Now, you can click on 'Create Folder' directly after Step-5 if you don't want to follow Step-6. It is completely your choice.

Thus, you create folders in Canva in this way.

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Is there any Limit on the Number of Folders That I Can Create?

You can easily create as many folders as you like by following this process. It is very easy and convenient to have multiple folders for multiple needs. For instance, if you have different departments, then you can have folders for each department. Under each folder lies the designs to be used by that particular department.

For What Can I Use Folders?

Suppose you are handling social media. Now, you set up Instagram story ads, set up Instagram posts, create Pinterest pins, boards, Facebook posts, and so on. Now, they might get lost if all are saved together.

Instead, you can have a different folder for each and save the particular design under that folder. Like this, you will not miss any design. And when you want to recall something particular, the sorted folders will be of great help.

If I Add Someone, Can They See All Posts of the Folder?

Yes, once you add someone to a folder, they will have access to all the designs saved under that folder. So, make sure, you are sharing the rights of design with trusted people.

Canva is an amazing platform for designing and you can do a lot of collaborative work by creating folders and sharing designs.

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