How to Create Team Groups in Canva

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Nowadays, many academic, educational as well as professional projects and reports can be easily created and designed with the help of Canva. When you work in a team, the whole team needs to know the status and work together on a project at the same time.

Canva has made this possible. Create Team Groups in Canva has made teamwork a very easy task for everyone. You all can have your profile and change your profile picture in Canva.

In the below-mentioned steps, you can easily learn how to create Team Groups in Canva.

How to COLLABORATE with your TEAM in Canva

Create Team Groups in Canva in 8 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the canva app: The first and simplest step is to open the Canva app. This feature is available on both the mobile version of the app. And, also in the desktop version.

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Step-2 Click on 'Menu': From the homepage, click on the menu tab. It is depicted by three small horizontal lines. It is beside the Canva Pro option in the bottom right corner.

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Step-3 Click on ' My Team' under the 'Team' section: Click on the Team name in which you want to make a group.

Apart from this, you can also invite members on Canva who may be Canva users or the Non-Canva users who can register themselves on Canva.

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Step-4 Select the 'Groups' tab: After clicking on 'My Team' in the previous step. Click on the 'Groups' tab besides other options.

Other options include Templates, Apps and People.

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Step-5 Click the 'Create a group' tile: After clicking on 'Groups', you will see a tile named 'Create a group' in grey colour. The tile will have a plus sign '+' on it. Click on that particular tile.

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Step-6 Give your group a name: At the top part of the page, give your group a name. You can name it anything as per your convenience or your wish.

We suggest you name it after the project or design that you are working on. It will help you identify the work easily.

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Step-7 Add the name and information of the administrator of the Group: On the Administrator or Member field, type the email addresses or names of the members that you want to add to the group.

The group can have more than one administrator.

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Step-8 Click on 'Create group': After adding all the details to the group, click on the 'Create group' tab. This is the final step of the process.

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Congratulations! You have learnt a new Canva feature. Now you know how to create Team Groups in the Canva.

Can We Change The Profile Picture of Our Account on the Canva?

Canva allows its users to change the profile picture for their accounts on the App. The feature is available both on the Canva mobile app as well as in the Desktop version. It is not a very hectic procedure. It is very simple and easy to learn.

We Can Add How Many Members To the Team Groups in the Canva App?

Canva has not put any restrictions on the number of members that you can add to a group. A team should include the members who are ready to work and put effort into the team. Make sure not to add anyone extra to the team.

Can We Also Remove a Member from The Team?

Only the administrator or the administrators have the access to add or remove any new or existing person from the group. No one else apart from the administrator can do that.

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