How to Download Canva App on Laptop

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Canva app is a very useful editing app that one can use for many purposes. You can make invitations in Canva, edit photos & videos, create your d0esigns, and much more. Sometimes, it is difficult to do all the things on a mobile phone. So, using this guide you can download the Canva app on your Laptop.

You can now create, edit, and save your designs on your Laptop or PC using these 4 easy steps.

How to download and install Canva on PC or Laptop

Download Canva App on Laptop in 4 Easy Steps

Step-1 Download Canva from The Canva Site: To download Canva on your computer, type "" on your laptop's browser and click on the ‘Start Download’ button as shown below.

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Step-2 Find Canva in Downloads: Once the Canva is downloaded from the website, you have to open the downloads folder on your laptop and find the "Canva Setup.exe" file. Open the '.exe' file.

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Step-3 Launch the Canva App: The canvas setup will install canva on your laptop and automatically launch the app but in case it doesn't then you can launch the Canva app using the Start menu or from a desktop shortcut that may create on your desktop screen after installation is done.

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Step-4 Sign Up or Log In: After opening the app now you will have to sign in or sign up for the Canva Account. If you already have an account, click on the "Already signed up" option below.

  • If you have previously made your account using Google then just click on sign in using google and select your google account. You will be signed in and you can start using the app now.
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In the Canva desktop app, you can use edit multiple designs at the same time with different taps just as you do in a web browser using multiple tabs at a time.

Can I use Canva On Mac Too and How?

Yes, you can use Canva on Mac too. Just go on and find "download for mac" rather than "download for windows" as shown in the first step. All the other steps are similar as mentioned in the guide for using the app on mac.

Can Canva be Used Offline Too?

No, you can not use Canva offline because it saves your designs constantly and continuously. So, it requires an internet connection to do so. Also, to load your designs, images, and tools you need the internet. So, you can't use it offline. You will need a stable internet connection to use it smoothly.

What are the Video Editing Features Available on The Canva App?

Canva has all the features that can have in a good video editing app.

  • You can trim, crop, splice, and split video in Canva easily.
  • It has thousands of video templates that are free too.
  • You will get access to millions of images, icons, graphics, and other media elements that you can use in your video.
  • It has all the animations and effects you need to add to your video.
  • You can also record videos, and add background music and audio, animations, and styles & themes.

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