How to Align Text in Canva

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You can align text in Canva just like you do in Word or Powerpoint. Aligning text is basic editing but one of great importance. When you make an invoice in Canva, you have to see whether the text is properly aligned as per your need or not. Such important designs or documents need to be perfectly made so that when you share them with others, they look attractive and precise. Let us learn the short and easy process of aligning the text in your designs.

Align Text in Canva in 6 Simple Steps

Step-1 Open Canva App: Aligning text is no rocket science. You just need to mobile application and this guide to do so. So, open the Canva application from the mobile and load your design.

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Step-2 Click on Plus Icon: Once you open the design for which you want to align the text, see the bottom toolbar. There is a plus icon there to add different elements to your design. Click on that to add a text and then align it.

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Step-3 Choose the Text Box or Text Size: You can choose the text template and add your text. You can also choose text size. Heading, subheading, or body text. Once you select the text size or template, click on it.

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Step-4 Select the Text: Once you add the text, write whatever you want in that format. Resize it accordingly. Now, to align it, you need to select it.

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Step-5 Choose to Format: After selecting the text, you will see certain options below. From there, choose the format option.

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Step-6 Choose the Alignment: You will see different alignment options. You can choose it to be left, center, right, or also justify it.

Click on the alignment that you want and see what changes appear on your design. Choose the one that looks the best for you.

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What More Can You Do in Formatting Text?

You can easily do bold, italic, and underline to your text. You can also add bullets and numbering. Like this, you can make a list in your design. If you are making infographics in Canva, you can use the numbered list to show information more appropriately.

Apart from the format option, there are also options to change font, text size, color, text spacing, add effects and animations, adjust the transparency, and so on. If you want to hyperlink your text in your design, you can do so too. You just have to select the text that you want to be hyperlinked, click on the link option in the bottom bar, and paste the link.

Can I Edit the Text in A Template?

You can definitely make all the formatting changes to a template. So, if you are using a Canva template to make a logo or Instagram post, you can tap on the text over it to edit it. The templates are just for your reference. You can edit it in any way that you want by using the tools and formatting options.

Text is an important part of the design. So, you need to make sure that your text conveys the message in minimum words. Thus, you need to edit the text accordingly and make necessary changes before finalizing the design.

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