How to Add Frames in Canva

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The frame is an important feature for any image editor app. Frames can be used to organize, design, and separate visual elements. Canva also allows you to add frames to your designs. It has different styles of frames including all the designed frames too. You can choose from a vast variety of frames in the Canva app and share designs in Canva. So, add frames in Canva using the 5 easy steps mentioned below.

Add Frames In Canva in 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the Canva app: Install the Canva app from the play store on Android or the app store on iPhone if you have not and start the Canva app by signing in or signing up.

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Step-2 Tap The Plus(+) Button: When you start the Canva editor app you will see a plus(+) sign on the left bottom of the editing screen where you are editing your design.

Click on that button and move to the next step.

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Step-3 Tap the Elements tab: The "+" button will open a variety of options in front of you using which you can start creating your designs.

You have to go to the "elements" tab present second to the left at the bottom.

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Step-4 Enter Frames In The Search Bar: In the Elements tab, go to the search bar and type frames in it, and click on the search button to see a list of options from which you can choose your desired frame.

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Step-5 Tap on a Frame You Want to Use: You will see many options of frames from which you can select as shown below. There are some free frames available and some which can be used if you have upgraded to Pro.

So, it's your choice. Choose any frame and apply it to your design according to your need.

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How Can I Adjust the Images in The Frames in Canva App?

Upload or add the image you need to add in the frame from the Elements Tab. You have to double-click on that image. Drag the image around the frame space and click on done and your image will be adjusted in the frame. You can crop the image if you feel like it's not adjusted properly or the way you wanted it to be.

What More Can I do With The Frames That I Add To My Design?

You can do plenty of stuff with the frames. You can duplicate the frame, replace the image or video, change its color, add effects & filters, crop & flip the image or video, animate, add comments, and much more. All these options are available at the bottom of the editor screen once you click on the frame you can use all these options.

What Other Things Can I Find in The Elements Tab in Canva?

The elements tab consists of all the elements that you may need to add to your design. It consists of frames, icons, and shapes that can be added to the design. You can also search for any element in the search bar present on the elements tab. You can also make a flowchart in Canva using the Elements tab as same as you find the frames.

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