How to Set up Instagram Story Ads

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In this article, you’ll discover how to set up Instagram story ads. Be aware of the media you're working with while creating Instagram Stories advertising. Because stories shift quickly, your ads must appear to be a natural fit. When viewers are watching a series of grainy, amateur-looking tales and then see a magnificent visual with high-quality graphics, it will stand out like a sore thumb—clearly, it's an ad. As a result, many individuals will dismiss it and lose interest quickly. You can follow this article further to learn how to set up Instagram story ads successfully.

How to Create Instagram Story Ads

Set Up Instagram Story Ads: 6 Steps

Step 1 - Open the Instagram App: To open the Instagram app on your smartphone, simply click on it.
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Step 2 – Click on Profile Icon: At the bottom-right of the screen, press the symbol of your profile photo.


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Step 3 - Click on Ad Tools: When you open your profile, at the bottom of your profile picture there are three options available. These options include 'Edit profile', 'Ad tools', and 'Insights'. Simply click on the 'Ad tools' option.
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Step 4 - Click on New Promotion: After you click on Ad tools it will further give you many other options to choose from. You have to choose the 'New Promotion' option.

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Step 5 - Click on the Stories: New promotions option will further lead you to promote two options. These options include posts and stories. Simply choose the stories option.
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Step 6 - Post a Suitable Story for Setting Up Instagram Story Ads: Now, you can create any story ad by clicking on the create story option.
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What Marketers Should Know About Instagram Stories Ads

In terms of daily user interactions and ad inventory growth, Instagram Stories is the fastest-growing ad placement on the platform. Instagram Stories has a lot of natural material but not as many adverts. As a result, for the first time in a long time, there is some ad inventory that hasn't yet reached fever pitch.

The progress bars at the top of the ad offer the viewer an indication of how many distinct phases the ad will go through in the same way that organic stories do. You can either make a single 15-second tale or combine several movies into a single section that will play in 15 seconds.

It's worth noting that Instagram Story ads are now limited to 15 seconds; you can't build a 45-second video ad by combining three 15-second videos. As a result of this style of ad, users can swipe across to bypass specific parts of your story ad without leaving it entirely.


Instagram is the most visual social platform, which means it’s the best place to tell a compelling brand story. It also means that Instagram story ads offer a unique opportunity to capture your audience’s attention. Instagram story ads are the new thing in the world of marketing on Instagram. They’re running in-line ads within people’s Instagram stories, so they have the potential to reach a huge number of people. They also offer a lot of flexibility, which means you can find the right fit for your business.

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