How to Use Telegram Live Video Chat

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You can make regular group video calls and use a few more features on the Telegram Android app. You may utilize the Screen Sharing option to share your screen in addition to your camera feed. Noise Suppression is another feature that Telegram has developed. This is a helpful feature since it mutes the sound while you're in a noisy environment or eating anything crunchy. This ensures that everyone in the group call has good audio, resulting in a better video calling experience.

We'll go through each feature individually. But first, let's look at how to use the Telegram app to establish a group video call.

How to Make Video Calls on Telegram Easily

 Use Telegram Live Video Chat: 4 steps

Step 1- Open the Telegram App Telegram is a free mobile messaging service.

  • You can obtain it via the Google Play Store if you have an Android device. It's available for Apple devices via the App Store.
  • You may establish a Telegram account by providing a new user name and mobile phone number. For verification reasons, an OTP will be emailed to you.
  • This guide will walk you through the process of creating your first Telegram account.

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Step 2- Tap on contact whom you want to video chat with Your chats/contacts can video chat with you.

  • With your contacts, you may video call.
  • Anyone who has saved your number can video chat with you.
  • You can relieve tension by making a video call with someone you care about.

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Step 3- Tap on the three dots icon You'll be able to see all of the information once you open the conversation.

  • All of the conversations with the individual in question are visible.
  • You'll be able to see the papers you've shared with them.
  • Then, in the upper right corner, click the three dots.

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Step 4- Tap on a video call A new floating box will appear in front of you.

  • You'll be able to search through the conversations.
  • Telegram allows you to delete a person's conversation history and information.
  • You can alter the person's shared colors and themes.
  • You may also use video calling to communicate with the individual.

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Here's how to share your screen and use the noise reduction option in Telegram Video Calls.

  • To obtain a list of choices when on a video call, press the 3-dot menu (as seen in the image below). From the drop-down menu, choose the Share screen option. According to a confirmation notice, Telegram may collect vital information displayed on your screen. If you're ready to begin, click the Start Now button.
  • During the video conference, press the 3-dot menu icon. From the drop-down selection that appears, choose Noise Suppression. The functionality is disabled by default. You'll see that the Noise Suppression option is switched on once you've selected it. The quality of your voice will be noticeably different.

That's it. Hopefully, the previous options made making group video conversations with the Telegram Android app easier for you. To make things clearer, this Telegram group video call function allows up to 30 individuals to broadcast video from the camera as well as their displays. At the same time, 1,000 people can listen in on the call. Telegram may now easily host any kind of online event, such as a talk show. Here's where you can discover how to utilise Telegram for job hunting.


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