How to Hide Phone Number on Telegram App

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Because the phone number associated with your Telegram account is exposed to everyone, strangers can discover you on the chat app merely because of that. However, if you want more privacy, you may discover how to hide your phone number on Telegram. Signing up for even the most secure messaging apps will necessitate a phone number. Telegram is no exception, and the phone number you enter can be used to locate Telegram contacts in your address book. A user might theoretically see your phone number. Thankfully, hiding your phone number on Telegram is fairly simple. This article briefly explains to you how to hide your mobile number in Telegram App from other users in simple 6 steps with pictures.

How to Hide your Phone Number in Telegram on Android

Hide Mobile Number on Telegram App in 6 Steps

Step 1- Open the Telegram app: Download the Telegram App on your phone.

  • If you are using an Android model, you can download it from Google Play Store. For Apple models, we can download from App Store.
  • Create an account in the telegram account by entering a new user name and mobile number. You’ll get an OTP for verification.
  • You can check out this article to create a new telegram account.

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Step 2- Tap on the three-bar icon: Upon setting up the Telegram on your mobile device, open the app. You will find the 3 bar icon on top of the page. Click it. It’d host a couple of options.

  • This option opens the telegram menu bar.
  • Click on it just for one time.

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Step 3- Tap on settings: Upon opening the telegram bar, you’ll find a couple of options including – New Group, Contacts, Calls, People Nearby, and so on. Towards the end, you’ll have an option – Settings.

  • It hosts all the options to adjust or change various features in Telegram.
  • Click on it once.

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Step 4- Tap on privacy & security: After opening the settings, you’ll have your name and profile picture on top of the page, along with your mobile number, username, and Bio. Beneath this, we have settings for Notifications and Sounds, Privacy and Security, Data and Storage, Chat Settings, Folders, and Devices.

  • Privacy and Security hosts all the options related to your account privacy and app security.
  • Click on it once to open the option.

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Step 5- Tap on phone number: After opening Privacy and Security, you’ll find a set of few options that include Blocked users (shows the persons you have blocked), Phone Number (who can see your phone number), Last Seen & Online (who can see your online status).

  • Open 'Phone Number' option to decide who must see your online status and last seen.
  • Click on "Phone Number' once.

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Step 6- Tap on nobody: After opening the Phone Number option, you can decide who can see your number.

  • If you want everyone to see your number, you can select Everyone.
  • If you want only your contact list to see, click My Contact.
  • If you don’t want anyone to see your number, click Nobody.
  • Click the option once. And it is autosaved.

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When you choose nobody must view your mobile number, all your contacts or new users can’t view your mobile number. However, they can send and receive messages from you. Even when your mobile number is hidden you can enable to receive notifications for all the messages you receive. You can also learn How to Hide your Online Status and How to Hide Your Last Seen from here. Hope you found this article useful.

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