How to Pin Message in Telegram Channel

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When we send an important message, it subsequently gets lost with other messages. But in Telegram, you can pin the important message to the top of the chats, and we can access it any time. Any message can be pinned like this and can be removed at any time. Telegram is a widely used app to send and receive text messages and voice messages. Since it is a cloud-based system, we can share huge files over a few seconds across Telegram. This article briefly explains to you how to pin a message in Telegram in 5 simple steps along with images. Hope you find this useful.

How to Pin A Message in Telegram!

Pin Message in Telegram Channel in 4 Steps

Step 1- Open telegram app: Download the Telegram App from Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone). You can register with your mobile number, name, and username.

  • After downloading, you’ll find the app on the home screen or you can search for it.
  • Click on it once, for the app to open.

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Step 2- Open your channel in which you want to pin message: Once the Telegram App opens, you’ll find all your chats and groups lined up in order.

  • You can pin messages in Groups, Individual Chats and Channels.
  • Open any of the chat, where you want to pin the message.
  • You can scroll down to find the contact or use the search bar.

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Step 3- Tap on message you want to  pin: After opening the chat, you can scroll to find all the messages from the person or in the group.

  • Find the particular message you wanted to pin in the chat.
  • After selecting, tap on that message once.
  • Do not long press the message. Just tap on it once.

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Step 4- Tap on pin: Upon tapping the message, you’ll get a dialogue box as shown below.

  • You’ll have options like copy, copy link and forward.
  • You’ll also have the option ‘PIN’.
  • Select that option to pin that particular message you wanted.

image titled Pin Message in Telegram Channel step 4


  1. You can pin only one message at a time in chat or group. If you pin a new message, the previous message gets unpinned. You can’t pin more than one message in Telegram.
  2. In individual chat, you can decide whether the message must be pinned for you, or the opposite person must also be able to see the pinned message.
  3. In a group chat, you can choose whether you want to notify the group or not when you are pin the message.

You may have a question - What is we uninstall and reinstall Telegram, would the messages be still available? Yes. When you use the same number across any device, all the messages that you have pinned will be visible.

This article clearly defines you How to Pin a Telegram Message in easier steps. By following the above steps correctly, you can easily pin your message. Hope this article was helpful. You can also learn How to Scan the QR code using Telegram here and How to Pin a Message in Telegram from here. Hope you liked it.

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