How to Use Telegram App for Teaching

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To enhance the learning process, a teacher may utilise Telegram to set up a specific group discussion in a particular classroom. It is feasible to pique students' interest when professors give a Telegram group conversation with an intriguing and relevant setting. This post will show you how to utilise Telegram to teach students in a quick and easy way.

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Use Telegram App for Teaching: 5 steps

Step 1-Open the Telegram App Open the Telegram app on your smartphone. The app has a blue background with a white symbol in the centre.

  • They drew a white paper aircraft on this background. If you already have the Telegram app installed, look for it in the app menu or main menu on your smartphone.
  • You can discover how to establish a Telegram account here.
  • By clicking on it, you may select this app. When you tap the app, the home screen opens.
  • This screen's magnifying glass icon may be located in the upper right corner. To search, click this button.
  • The app has a blue background with a white symbol in the centre.

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Step 2- Tap on your group Now open your group.

  • You can find your group by searching for them.
  • You can also scroll through the app and find them.
  • TO find them easily, it's advisable to pin them on the top.

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Step 3- Tap on add members to add students Now you can see your group.

  • You can add new participants to the group.
  • You can also share the joining link with your students.
  • You can add your whole class as Telegram can bear any number of contacts in them.
  • Make sure you have your group as open to all, if you want it to be a public group.

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Step 4- Then tap on the three dots icon Now tap on the display picture of the group.

  • After opening, you'll find the group name along with its profile picture.
  • You can also view all the participants of the group.
  • On the top right corner, there will be three dots.
  • Tap on it once.

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Step 5- Tap on start video chat to conduct your online class for teaching Now you can have your online class.

  • By tapping on the start video chat option, you can invite students to attend the class.
  • You can share notes with them through telegram chats.
  • You can share photos, documents, or even PPTs with your students.

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Advantages of using Telegram App to teach students.

  • It may direct learners' electronic assistance in any portion of the e-learning environment's lessons.
  • Within the e-learning environment, you may easily transmit and receive any form of a file that supports the learning process.
  • It can be distributed via study announcements, timetables, and follow-up, school days, scientific forums, conferences, and seminars, as well as dates for the beginning and finish of courses for students in an e-learning environment.
  • It is possible to create groups and channels for each class, stage, or course, which allow the teacher to communicate with his pupils throughout the curriculum.
  • Feedback can be given to learners in response to anything linked to e-learning content.

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