How to Know if you are Blocked on Telegram

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Are you blocked on Telegram by someone? Telegram is a messaging app that has various features regarding the privacy of its users. One of these features includes blocking someone on telegram so that you don't receive any future communication from them. Although there can be a lot of factors why people choose to block other users there is no way that you can find out if someone has blocked you without them telling you. However, there are few signs that insinuate that someone has blocked you on telegram.

  • You might not be able to confirm this by any means but based on your hands it's always good to have some confirmation instead of no confirmation.
  • In this guide article, we will tell you about these telltale signs that can help you know if you are Blocked on Telegram.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Telegram

know if you are Blocked on Telegram in 3 steps:

Step 1- Open telegram app: First and foremost you will have to open the telegram app. This expects you to have the app already installed on your mobile device and your registered account already logged into it.

  • To open the telegram app you will have to go through the list of installed applications on your mobile phone.
  • Keep scrolling through this list until you find the icon for the Telegram application.
  • This icon will look like a blue-colored circle with a white-colored paper airplane appearing on it.
  • Tap on this icon once to open the app.

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Step 2- If initials occur in place of contact pic then you might be blocked: As soon as you open the application you will see a list of charts and Groups or channels appearing on your mobile screen. Scroll through this list to look for the contact that you suspect has blocked you.

  • If their contact picture does not appear where it normally would and instead their initials are appearing there might be a chance that you have been blocked by that particular contact.
  • This is not necessarily the truth. A lot of people do not put their display pictures on telegram.
  • In this case, their initials appear in the place of their display picture.
  • If this contact earlier has had a history of having a display picture in tat then it would be safe to assume that they have blocked you.
  • This is still just an assumption and not a confirmation.

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Step 3- Secondly, if in place of last seen "a long time ago" appears: Another way of testing if someone has blocked you is by opening their chat. Under their name which will be appearing on the upper side of your screen, you can find the last seen status of their online presence on the application.

  • This last seen will appear along with the date and time when the user had last used telegram.
  • If instead of the exact date and time the last seen shows a long time ago then you might have been blocked by the person.
  • However again in this case too there can be other possibilities by their last seen status show a long time ago.

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It is probable that the person in concern has uninstalled Telegram or stopped using it for various reasons. If you know that they have been active recently on the app and yet it shows a long time ago in the place of the last seen then you can assume that they have blocked you on the platform.

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