How to Enable Finger Print on Telegram App

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If you have been using Telegram as a messaging app you certainly understand the need for privacy in such applications. You obviously don't want anybody to read your chats or try into your personal affairs. To ensure the safety and privacy of their users, telegram comes with many privacy enabling features. One of these features is using fingerprint to open the Telegram application. To enable fingerprint in Telegram you need to follow a few simple steps. In this article, we will be sharing the steps with you and providing you with a step-by-step manual for how to enable fingerprint in Telegram.

How to Enable Passcode and Fingerprint Lock on Telegram App

Enable Finger Print in Telegram: 6 steps

Step 1- Open Telegram app: First and foremost you will have to open the telegram app. This expects you to have the app already installed on your mobile device and your registered account already logged into it.

  • To open the telegram app you will have to go through the list of installed applications on your mobile phone.
  • Keep scrolling through this list until you find the icon for the Telegram application.
  • This icon will look like a blue-colored circle with a white-colored paper airplane appearing on it.
  • Tap on this icon once to open the app.

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Step 2- Tap on three-bar icon: Open the application there will be a list of charts available on your mobile screen. On the upper left corner of the mobile screen, you will find three horizontal bars as an icon. This icon is for opening the app menu. Click on it once.

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Step 3- Tap on settings: Once you have opened the menu for the application there will be a list of options available on your mobile screen scroll through the list and look for the settings option.

  • You can identify this option by the gear icon that will be available right beside the word settings.
  • Once you find it click on it.

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Step 4- Tap on privacy & security: Now you have entered the settings menu. Here you can find different options where you can enter and change the settings for your Telegram account and application.

  • In this menu look for the options privacy and security.
  • This option will have a lock icon near it. Click on this option.

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step 5- Tap on passcode lock: In the security menu, you will find an option for the passcode lock. This option can be used to change the lock for the telegram application installed on your mobile device. Click on it.

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Step 6- Tap on fingerprint option: Once you have completed the previous step your mobile screen will now show an option unlock with the fingerprint.

  • Enable this option by clicking on the small button on the right side of your mobile screen adjacent to do the option provided.
  • Clicking on this button will turn it from blue to grey.
  • This is how you can know that you are successfully enabled the feature to unlock the application with a fingerprint.

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Once you have completed all the steps, you will need to register your fingerprint every time you open the Telegram app. Note that this feature will only be available in smartphones that provide fingerprint sensors in their hardware and if your Telegram app is updated to its latest version. It adds another layer of security control for your app and chats.

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