How to Update Telegram App on iphone

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Are you looking for a way to update telegram on iPhone? Telegram app or any other app for that matter is always on the lookout to fix the bugs in their app or to improve or add new features in the software. You might've installed telegram on iPhone and are wishing to stay up to date with the updates. If that’s you, you should learn how to update telegram on iPhone so that you don’t miss out on new updates. Follow the steps given below to identify how to install the latest software update of telegram on iPhone?

How to Update Telegram App in iPhone iPod iPad

Update telegram on iPhone in 4 steps

Step 1- Open the app store and search on telegram: The logo of the app store has a blue background inside a square-shaped icon. It looks like a white sign with white lines that draw “A.”

  • Unlock your iPhone and look at the main menu where the apps are displayed.
  • Double-tap on the one that says “App store.”
  • When you open the app store, search telegram on the search bar.
  • The icon of telegram has a blue-colored square-shaped background with a white paper plane inside it.

update telegram on iPhone step 1

Step 2- Tap on update which will be on the right side of the telegram icon, if an update is available: Once you’ve searched telegram, you will notice a cloud sign with a downward arrow. This will only be available when there is a new update on this app.

That is the icon that will help you download the app. Tap on update and you will automatically download the latest version of the app.

update telegram on iPhone step 2

Step 3- Open the newer version & enter your country & mobile number: Then, wait for the app to download completely. The screen will then display space to enter your country, country code, and mobile number. Enter these details and tap on next.

update telegram on iPhone step 3

Step 4- Enter the verification code & tap on next: You will then receive a verification code on the mobile number you registered. You will receive this verification code in the form of an SMS.

  • Enter this verification code in the space given below.
  • On the upper right corner of the screen, you will see a button of “next.”
  • Finally, you will see telegram will be updated to a newer version.

update telegram on iPhone step 4

By following these simple four steps, you or anyone else will be able to update telegram on iPhone.


  1. If you don’t see the download icon for the update available next to telegram. That means that there is no newer update available and the app is already up to date.

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