How to install telegram in Laptop

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Do you want to install telegram in laptop or PC? Telegram is an instant messaging application that is well known for its fast and heavily encrypted services. You aren’t required to install any other software to use telegram. You have to download and install the telegram desktop application to start using telegram in PC/computer. We have provided a step-to-step tutorial so that you know exactly how to install telegram in PC/computer.

How to Download telegram in Laptop

Install telegram in Laptop in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1- Search for telegram on google & tap on first link: Open your preferred browser and type telegram into the Google search bar. To download telegram desktop application, you need to visit the official site of telegram.

  • You can do so by going to Google and typing "telegram" into the search box, then tapping on the first link that shows.

install telegram in Laptop Step 1

Step 2- Scroll down & tap on telegram for pc/mac/linux: The home page will open up to 4 options with different screens that are divided into telegram for android, iPhone/iPad, PC/Mac/Linux and macOS. Scroll down a little to tap on telegram for PC/mac/linux.

install telegram in Laptop Step 2

Step 3- Tap on get telegram for windows & download it: Once you tap on that, you will arrive at a screen that displays the picture of the laptop and has the option of “Get Telegram for Windows.”

  • Click on this button to download an executable file with the name tsetup which will have the name of the latest version of windows at the time you install it after tsetup.

install telegram in Laptop Step 3

Step 4- Open downloaded file & choose the install location: This executable file will then automatically start to download to your PC. Wait for it to download completely. You can click on the file to open it in your downloads folder after it has been downloaded. After that, you must complete a few more steps. You'll get a pop-up asking you to launch the file. To begin, press the run button.

  • After that, you'll get another pop-up asking you to choose your preferred language. The language you choose here will be the same as the language used during installation.
  • Choose a language of your choice or stick to the default language that is English. Then, click on the next button three times. Choose the installation location by browsing for a folder.
  • A default location will be chosen for you. Click "browse" to change the location where the Telegram desktop will be installed.

install telegram in Laptop Step 4

Step 5- Tap on install & telegram will be ready to use after installation:  Then the next window will ask where the setup should place the program’s shortcut. Simply click on next.

  • Similarly, click on next for the following two windows that are of select additional tasks and ready to install.
  • The final step is to select the option to install. Telegram desktop will be installed on your PC or Windows operating system after that.

install telegram in Laptop Step 5

You will then see the telegram app and its icon on desktop. Tap on the finish option of the setup pop-up and click on the “Launch Telegram” checkbox. The app will be launched automatically as a result of this. Click on “start messaging” and provide your phone number and country code to sign in.

  • You'll be directed to your app's home screen after entering the verification code. You can even use a QR code to log in.
  • So, this is how you can download and install the telegram in PC/computer by following the steps provided by the above-mentioned tutorial.

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