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You may use channels to broadcast public messages. Because the number of possible channel members is limitless, the size of your audience is entirely up to you. When new users join your channel, they will be able to read the whole message history. Make a decision on an issue.

The most popular channels are those that provide original, authentic material, so finding a sector where you can give extremely beneficial knowledge is a wonderful idea.

The second option is to launch a television station dedicated to entertainment. This article briefly explains to you how to create a new telegram channel.

How to create Telegram channel in 2022. Step by step guide

Create Telegram Channel in 7 steps

Step 1- Open the Telegram app  Telegram is a free mobile messaging app that you may install on your phone.

  • If you have an Android smartphone, you can get it via the Google Play Store. The App Store is where we can get it for Apple devices.
  • Enter a new user name and phone number to create a Telegram account. You will get an OTP to verify your identity.
  • This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a new Telegram account.

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Step 2- Tap on the edit icon on the bottom right corner Tap on the small pencil present on the left bottom side.

  • You'll see all your chats and groups on this page.
  • You can chat with your contacts from here.
  • You can write new messages by clicking that pencil.

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Step 3- Tap on the new channel A new screen will open up.

  • You can create a new group.
  • You can also create a new secret channel.
  • You can create a new channel.
  • You can also craft a new message to other people in your contact.

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Step 4- Enter a name for your channel & tap the tick icon

Now a new page opens up.

  • Now you can give a name to your channel
  • You can also add your display picture to your channel.
  • You can choose your image from the gallery for display pictures.
  • You can choose an appropriate name.
  • You can even add a suitable description to your channel.

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Step 5- Choose desired settings & tap the tick icon You can choose how you want your channel to be.

  • It could be private, where people can join only with an invite link.
  • It could be a public channel, where people can join just by searching its name.

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Step 6- Add participants to your channel & tap the tick icon After clicking the new channel, select your members.

  • You can add new members to your new channel.
  • You can select any number of contacts you want.
  • If not now, you can add them after creating the channel at any time.

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Step 7- Your channel will be created Once you click enter, your new channel is created.

  • Once you are done you can welcome your new members.
  • Share documents with them.
  • You can send any documents or files to them.

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