How to Update Telegram without Google Play

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Updating Telegram without google play is tricky. You would be surprised to know that one can now update telegram without using google play. You don’t even need to install any APKs from third party apps. This new version allows you to update telegram from the official site of telegram itself.

How to download and install TELEGRAM without Googe Play Store

Update telegram without google play in 4 Steps

Step 1-  Search telegram on your browser & open official website: First step it to find the official website of telegram. To do this, open your preferred browser and search telegram on google. The first site that appears on searching as shown on the image below this, will be your official website. Tap on it.

update telegram without google play

Step 2- Scroll down & tap on telegram for android: The official website is very clear with the options the 4 options available on this app. When you scroll down a little, you will “telegram for android.” Tap on it to download it.

update telegram without google play step 2

Step 3- Tap on download telegram: There is a blue button that that lets you download this version of the app. Select this blue button that had the text “Download Telegram” written over it. Tap on it to begin downloading the latest version of the telegram app.

update telegram without google play step 3

Step 4- Download & install the APK file: After you click on download, you will be able to view a pop up that downloads your file. Click on the downloaded file and it will start installing the APK file. Once the app is installed, you will now have the latest version of the app on your device.

update telegram without google play step 4

Thus, by following the above-mentioned steps, one can update telegram without using google play store. The updated version of the app will replace the older version of the telegram app.

By this method, one can download the telegram app through from their official site. Usually, most apps need to be downloaded from google play or app store. However, the telegram app can be installed manually as we can install Telegram without using the google play store.


  1. This new version on the official site of telegram  escapes the policies and google standards set by the Google play store for their apps.
  2. When you download and update the app directly from the official website, you receive updates earlier than the version downloaded from google play store. Thus, telegram updates automatically when you download the app through your website without relying on google play store and its policies.
  3. Users will get notified about the update through a notification. It will then ask you to download the updated version.
  4. While the app updates, you can continue using the telegram app for chatting, calling etc. As the app updates itself in the background.

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