How to Recover Deleted Telegram Account

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Telegram is an instant-messaging application that allows users to share and receive multiple files. Usually, the methods to recover deleted telegram account involve using third-party apps or tools where you have to provide a bunch of private information. These apps unnecessarily invade your personal details. And even after that, you might be just asked to create a new account as a replacement. Here, we've provided a step-by-step guide that evades the above-mentioned methods and helps you to recover your deleted Telegram account.

How to Recover Deleted Telegram Message, Chats, Pictures, and Videos

Four Steps to Recover Deleted Telegram Account

Step 1- Open google in your browser: Firstly, you need to open up the browser of your choice on your device. Then, the automated search engine of the browser will open up. If Google doesn't open up,  you can always search up google on the search bar of your browser.

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Step 2- Search telegram support & open official website: Search for “telegram support” on google. The first site that appears in the list will take you to the telegram support page that is on the official website of telegram. Tap on that first link to open it.

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Step 3- Write a request note regarding your account recovery: This support page will have three spaces where you can type down your details. The first space is where you should express any difficulties or confusion you have with the app.

  • Here, make sure you’re typing down the problem that you face in complete detail. So, you can write down a request to recover deleted telegram account.
  • Similarly, you can even recover your deleted telegram chats with the help of support group.
  • You can mention the date you lost or deleted your account. You can elaborate your problem in detail and the effect that it has caused on you.
  • And you can even specify the timing by which you’d like to hear the response to your query. Specify whether or not your problem requires immediate attention.

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Step 4- Enter your email id and the phone number on which account was registered & tap submit: The next two spaces will ask you to provide your email and phone number. Enter the phone number that is registered with your telegram account.

  • You have to enter these details so that they can contact you with a response.
  • The second space asks for your email and the third space asks for your phone number.
  • Enter both these details. Your final step requires you to click on the blue button below it called “submit.”

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By following the above-mentioned steps, you can request the support group to recover deleted Telegram account. After you’ve executed the following steps, you will have to wait for the support group to contact you with a response to your request.


  1. It is necessary that the phone number that you add while filling your personal information after writing the request note has to match with the one that you registered your telegram account with.
  2. By recovering your telegram account, you also recover all your telegram chats, shared media, contacts and files.

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