How to Enable Dark Mode in Telegram App

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The dark mode is one of the features that users across the globe demand for all the social media apps, and Telegram has this feature too. Telegram's dark mode changes all which color into black, meaning that the background will be black or dark and texts will be white or in any light color depending upon your mobile configuration. Telegram’s dark-mode can increase your battery life. It makes the text more legible. The dark theme helps to reduce blue light exposure. It avoids screen glare. This article briefly explains to you how to set the dark mode for your telegram.

How To ENABLE Dark Mode On Telegram [iOS & Android]

Enable Dark Mode in Telegram: 3 steps

Step 1- Open the Telegram app: Download the Telegram App on your phone.

  • If you are using an Android model, you can download it from Google Play Store. For Apple models, we can download from App Store.
  • Create an account in the telegram account by entering a new user name and mobile number. You’ll get an OTP for verification.
  • You can check out this article to create a new telegram account.

Enable Dark Mode in Telegram step 1

Step 2- Tap on the three-bar icon: Upon setting up the Telegram on your mobile device, open the app. You will find the 3 bar icon on top of the page. Click it. It’d host a couple of options.

  • This option opens the telegram menu bar.
  • Click on it just for one time.

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Step 3- Now tap on the moon icon to enable dark mode: After clicking the 2 dashes, a new window will open from the left side, which has your name and profile pic, along with other options and settings.

  • It has a moon on the top right side of this page.
  • It symbolizes night and darkness.
  • Click on it once to change to dark mode.

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Telegram has a bright white theme that might be irritating to use for long periods. On average, people spend 2.9 hours on the site communicating, streaming material, networking in groups, phoning contacts, and making video chats.

It's difficult and terrible to spend so much time staring at a dazzling bright white theme. We are virtually always tormented with blurred vision, headaches, and brain fog before long. As a result, having the option to switch to a dark or black UI on its own is essential.

This is made possible via the Night Eye browser addon. Night Eye solves your eye problems by providing a specific Telegram dark mode, allowing you to have a lot of fun while interacting on the Telegram website without hurting your eyes.

Health Benefits

  1. Dark mode reduces exposure to blue light, which helps to prevent dry and teary eyes.
  2. It makes avoiding migraines and tension headaches much easy.
  3. The ganglion cells in the eyes are not overworked when using dark mode. As a result, it may be able to reduce the risk of near-sightedness.
  4. Dark mode can aid in the development of better sleeping habits and the relief of insomnia.
  5. Your eyes will be less weary, allowing you to have longer, more enjoyable conversations.

In dark mode, all the other features of Telegram work the same way. You can scan your telegram and use it in a similar dark mode even on the PC or Laptop - How to Scan Telegram QR Code

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