How to Reset Telegram App Password

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If someone has come to know about your password, you can reset Telegram app password very easily. If you are using the application daily for sending messages, important documents, using voice and video calls, knowing this is very important. To keep up the privacy of the conversations, you must keep changing the password from time to time.

If someone deleted your account after knowing the password, you can recover deleted telegram account. The resetting password feature ensures that nobody gets into the application when your phone is lying around unattended. Let's get into the process.

How To Reset Telegram Two Step Password Without Recovery Email

Reset Telegram App Password in 6 steps

Step-1 Open the Application: Get into the telegram application by using the old password. When you are thinking to reset the password, you must have set it in the first place.

  • Thus, you must remember your old password.
  • Click on the blue icon of the application, enter the password and open it.

 step 1

Step-2 Three Bar Icon: On the top left corner, you see an icon. It is of three horizontal lines arranged vertically below each other. Click on that to go further.

 step 2

Step-3 Go to Settings: From the three-bar icon, you can access many features of the application. To reset Telegram app password, go to the settings option just below saved messages.

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Step-4 Privacy and Security: From the settings option, you go-ahead to all types of profile settings. From changing the profile photo to changing the password, many things can be done from here.

  • As resetting the password is about the privacy and security of the application, you need to tap on the option of 'Privacy and Security.'
  • Now, you are ready to work with the password feature of Telegram.

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Step-5 Passcode Lock: There are a few different categories under which the settings are arranged. Under the category of security, you see the first option of Passcode lock. Click on that.

  • By clicking on the passcode lock option, the telegram will ask for your current passcode.
  • Enter it to go further to reset Telegram app password.

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Step-6 Change Passcode: Here, there is an option to change the passcode just below the passcode lock option. You need to click on that.

  • By doing so, the application asks you to enter your new passcode. It will ask you to re-enter it after you enter it the first time for confirmation.
  • Finally, you reset telegram app password like this.


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What If I forget my Passcode and Want to Reset it?

Well, if you have forgotten your password, one way is to uninstall the application, reinstall it and get your telegram account back. However, like this, you will lose your secret chat as the servers do not back them up.

So, if you are okay with losing secret chats or do not have them at all, this can work. Otherwise, you will have to generate the reset password link via the telegram official website that you will receive via mail.

What About the Finger Print System? 

Well, whenever you set your passcode, you can enable fingerprint on the telegram app. Like this, even if you forget the password, you will not have to go through any hassle as you will always have your fingerprint. You can use it and get back to your telegram conversations. So, make sure you enable it.

Finally, you should note down your passcodes somewhere. This will never put you in a situation of worry. However, when you face any such problem, you can always look up to our guides and work your way.

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