How to Change Telegram Channel Link

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Want to know how to change Telegram Channel Link? You know, this process only takes a few simple steps.

Telegram is free software ready for everyone’s use. It is a popular social media platform, which provides users with various features such as instant messaging, Media sharing, etc. It also provides end-to-end encrypted video calling. You can also share your channel’s link so that anyone with the link can join your channel. You can also change your Telegram channel link in one go.

The steps to change Telegram link are as follows:

Change telegram channel link

Step 1- Open Telegram Application: The first and the foremost step in changing Telegram Channel’s link is to open your Telegram Application from your device. Make sure that the device that you are using to complete this process is connected with good internet.

Change Telegram Channel Link-step-1

Step 2- Tap on your Group: When you open your telegram App, you will see all your Telegram conversation threads on your screen, along with your Channels and Groups. Tap on the Channel that you want to change the link of.

Change Telegram Channel Link-step-2

Step 3- Open your Group by clicking on the name: When you open your group, you will see your chats over there and at the top, you will see the group name. You will have to tap on that to open your group.

Change Telegram Channel Link-step-3

Step 4- Tap on this edit icon: After you open your group details, you will find an icon at the top of the screen which is shaped like a pencil, that icon is ‘edit’ and you will have to tap on that icon to proceed further to change Telegram channel link.

Change Telegram Channel Link-step-4

Step 5- Now tap on Invite link: When you click on “Invite link” option on the page, you will be led to a page where you will find links that can be used to share your channel.

  • Telegram has this feature to make multiple links for a single channel, which makes it unique from every other messaging Apps available on the market.
Change Telegram Channel Link-step-5

Step 6 - Tap on create a New Link: You will find, on the same page, an option to “Create New link” that you will have to press in order to change your telegram channel link.

Change Telegram Channel Link-step-6

Step 7 - Name anything to the link and tap on create: You will have to name the link that you want to create. After you name the link with your desired name, you will have to tap on “Create” option that you can find at the bottom of your device’s screen.

Change Telegram Channel Link-step-7

Step 8 Now your telegram link is changed After doing so, a new link has been created that can be used to share the telegram channels. And the process of changing the telegram channel link is now done.

Change Telegram Channel Link-step-8

So by following these simple steps, you are able to Change the Telegram Channel link. It is very easy and intuitive. If you like these kinds of tutorials you will also like our tutorial on How to Create Telegram Channel, so that you can share your content with anyone. Happy Telegramming.

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