How to Restore Telegram Backup

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It is saddening when you delete all the chats from Telegram. After that, you realize that you made a big mistake and lost all your Telegram data along with the chats. All the videos, photos, GIFs, web series on telegram, and everything! However, there is a way you can Restore telegram backup with a couple of steps. We all need our important files back. And thank the developers that you can get it back easily. 

How to backup and restore Telegram messages

Restore Telegram Backup: 4 Steps

Step-1 Go to File Manager: On any mobile device, there is a files application. Or file manager, or folders. On some devices, the file manager is there by default while on others you download it.

It is a very crucial application that stores all our files, folders, documents, settings, and so on. So, open the file manager once you find it on your device. 

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Step-2 Check Your Storage: Now, inside the file manager, you need to search for the Telegram Folder. 

  • There are different categories of data. One is the internal storage or the device storage. That is the data stored in your system itself. The storage that the device provides you. 
  • Another is the SD card. That is the external storage or a memory card that you use for the purpose of saving data. 
  • Open both one after the other to locate the Telegram folder. Mostly, you will find it in the internal storage option. 

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Step-3 Tap on the Telegram: I am sure you have found the folder of Telegram in either your internal storage or SD card. You can even do a search in your files section for Telegram if you are facing difficulties. 

  • You should open the folder to look at its contents on finding it. 

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Step-4 Your Backup Will Be There: Here's where you'll find all you ever received and sent on telegram.

  • You'll find all of the photographs you've sent or received by telegram in this folder.
  • Also, get access to the papers you've shared as well.
  • You can also access deleted telegram videos from here. 
  • Thus, it is easy to access all of your telegram data from this location itself.image titled Restore Telegram Backup steps 4

One of the most well-known instant messaging apps is Telegram. It has a lot of additional functions when compared to WhatsApp or other comparable apps. Self-destructing messages, a high file-transfer capacity, supergroups, channels, and other features are all included. In the past, we've compiled a list of Telegram channels to watch.

Can I Recover Messages Instead?

Well, it is tough to get a backup of your messages. This is because when you delete a Telegram message, it gets deleted from the system completely. Thus, you might have to rely on Google Drive backup if you do that. Otherwise, get your backup by following these steps. No other choice. 

I Am Unable to Locate the Telegram Folder, What To Do? 

  • In that case, check the movies or videos folder in the file manager. Under that, there will be an option of telegram videos. Similarly, to restore deleted telegram photos, go to the photos folder and look for Telegram photos. Some way or the other, you will surely find some of your deleted data back. 
  • There is one more way. If you save your videos, photos, and GIFs, to your gallery from the Telegram application, check your gallery. If you clear your gallery time and again, it must be synced with Google Photos. So, you can even try your luck in Google photos to check whether there are telegram files available or not. 
  • Telegram can be of great use if you know how to. It is not just a way to download movies, but to get the latest updates about anything. There are many informative channels available. Brand channels, news channels, product channels, educational channels, and so much more.

Find the right channel and use the platform well. You may also enjoy Telegram's other fascinating features. Telegram, for example, allows you to utilize a variety of bots to help you in business and professional purposes. Click here to learn more about how to use Telegram for business.

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