How to use Telegram on Android TV

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Are you wondering how to use telegram on android tv? With the rise of technology and availability of internet, TVs have advanced to smart TVs. Smart TVs such as android tv has complete access to the internet, provided that there is a Wi-fi network set up. You can install additional apps such as telegram on android tv. In this article, we have explained the exact steps you need to take to use telegram on android tv.

How To Use Telegram App On Android TV | Mi Box | Mi TV Stick | Mi TV

Install Telegram on Android TV in 5 Steps

Step 1- Search & open play store from your apps section: First step is to open your apps section on your android tv. Then, click on google play store to download the telegram app on android tv.

install telegram on android tv step 1

Step 2- From play store download JioPages & open it: One way to use telegram on an android tv is by opening the web version of telegram on any browser. Install a browser called JioPages. To do this, open up google play store and search “JioPages” on the search bar of it. Install JioPages and open it.

install telegram on android tv step 2

Step 3- Search telegram web & open the first link: Once the browser is installed on your android tv, tap on the search bar given on the top of the browser. Search telegram web and open the first link that appears on your screen.

install telegram on android tv step 3

Step 4- Select your country & insert your phone number: Once the website for telegram web is loaded, you can log in to your existing account. You can scan a QR code to log in. You can even sign in by entering your country, country code and phone number in the space given below.

install telegram on android tv step 4

Step 5- Enter the code you receive on your mobile and enter it in the telegram app: You will then receive a verification code on the telegram account on your other device. You will get a notification and message from the telegram’s official account on your chats stating your login code.

The final step is to enter this code on the other device where your web telegram is open. You will then be taken to the home screen of your telegram account.

install telegram on android tv step 5

By following these five steps given above, you can use telegram on android tv. This process doesn't even require you to download any APKs from third party or download any other applications. All you need to do is open telegram web on your browser. Read the notes given below to get some information on telegram.


  1. You cannot create an account on telegram web. You can only login to existing account on web telegram.
  2. Don't reveal your verification code to anyone, even if the message claims to be from telegram.
  3.  Telegram will notify you when any other device logs into your account. You will be notified through a notification and a message from telegram on telegram. This message will contain the date, time, device and location including the IP address.

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