How to Install Telegram on iPhone

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Are you looking to install telegram on your iPhone? If yes, you have reached the right article. Telegram is a social messaging app that allows users to chat, call, send and receive multiple files. Telegram primarily focuses on privacy and security. It provides end-to-end encryption over all your messages so that your data remains protected. iPhone users are bound to look for utmost security. Read the step-to-step guide given below to understand how to install telegram on iPhone.

Download Telegram For Iphone

Install telegram on iPhone in 4 Steps

Step 1- Tap on app store: The first step requires you to go to the apps section of your iPhone. There you will see a blue icon with white lines that form an A. This is the icon for app store. Click on it so that you can browse for apps and download them.

install telegram on iPhone step 1

Step 2- Search telegram & tap on download icon: Once you open the app store, you will see that there is a search bar located at the top of the app store. Tap on it and search “telegram.” You will see an icon with white background, blue circle and white paper plane. That is the telegram icon.

Tap on this telegram application. Then, tap on the cloud icon with a downwards arrow located to below the name of the app. This is the “get-it” icon. Tap on it and it will start to install telegram on iPhone.

install telegram on iPhone step 2

Step 3- Open telegram app & enter your country & phone number: Wait for it to download completely. Then, click on “open” to launch your application. Tap on “Start Messaging” to set up and begin using the telegram app.

After that, you will be prompted to sign in the app by registering the name of your country, the country code and mobile number. After entering these details, click on “next” to continue.

install telegram on iPhone step 3

Step 4- Enter the verification code & tap on next: You will then be sent a verification code via SMS on the mobile number you just happened to register. Check your messages and look for the SMS of verification code. Once you’ve found it, enter the code on the space given below. Then, click on “next.”

install telegram on iPhone step 4

The above mentioned four steps are all that you need to install telegram on iPhone. You can now go ahead and start using the telegram app. As you have just made an account, the app will prompt these first-time users to type in their name and profile picture. You can also leave the profile picture blank if you want to. After that, you will be taken to the chat section of the app.


  1. Any device that uses the same telegram account can be accessed by the holder of the account at the same time. That is whether you're using an android mobile phone, iPad or mac or a pc.
  2. After you enter the verification code, the app will request you to grant access to your contacts. So that they can sync all your phone contacts with telegram contacts.
  3. The app also asks you to give permission for notifications. If you’d like to be notified on every message that you receive on telegram, then you may grant the permission.

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