How to Recover Deleted Telegram Chats

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Sometimes, users end up deleting telegram chats history only to find out that they have accidentally lost some important or useful messages. In such cases, you might want to recover deleted telegram chats. There are several ways to recover deleted telegram chats. Here, we have mentioned a way that not immediately but surely will help you recover. Lets take a look at these steps.

How to Recover Deleted Messages in Telegram

Recover deleted telegram chats in 4 steps

Step 1- Open google in your browser: Tap open on the preferred browser of your choice.

recover deleted telegram chats step 1

Step 2- Search telegram support & open official website: Search on any search engine or google and type in “telegram support.” When you type in that, you will see that the first website that appears will be the official website of telegram’s support page.

recover deleted telegram chats step 2

Step 3- Write a request note in problem box regarding chat recovery: The support page of telegram is created to support the queries of the user. The new window that appears will display a space below for you to write down your query or request note.

  • There will be three spaces provided on your screen.
  • These spaces are for describing down the user’s problem, mention your email and your phone number.
  • Write down your request note and describe the problem that you face while using your telegram app.
  • Mention about the chats that you’ve accidentally deleted and request them to help you recover deleted telegram chats.

     recover deleted telegram chats step 3

Step 4- Scroll down & enter your details & tap submit: Scroll down to find two more empty spaces that ask you to enter your details. The first out of the next two spaces asks you to enter your email number. The second one asks for your email and registered phone number.

 recover deleted telegram chats step 4

You will then have to wait for them to contact you with the solution of this problem. Thus, these steps can easily be followed by any lay man to understand. Given below is a note that clears all your doubts and recommends you to mention vital information to your support help.


  1. Make sure you’ve added specific details while typing your request note on telegram support. These details could be the date of the chat conversations you’ve deleted and the person you chatted with.
  2. This makes it easier for the support group members to help you. Further, you could also mention how and why are they important for you to recover. You can even lay emphasis on your urgency by iterating how time sensitive this information could be.
  3. On telegram, you cannot save your files as back up on the telegram app or desktop.

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