How to Recover Deleted Telegram Files

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Have you mistakenly deleted some important documents that were sent to you or sent by you to someone? Then, you should consider looking into how one could recover these telegram files. Telegram has many beneficial features that are yet to appear in other applications such as WhatsApp. Yet when you delete a file or any other media, such as photos or videos, they get deleted from your app permanently.

Although, there isn’t a way to recover all those files on the app itself. However, there is a way to recover deleted telegram files on your mobile phone.

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Steps to recover deleted telegram files

Step 1- Tap & open file manager/my files: Every android device has an in-built app called “file manager/my files” which stores all your files.

  • Similarly, there is an app called “my files/files” that’s present in all Apple devices.
  • File manager for android and my files for apple devices are both in-built apps and manage all the files that you’ve downloaded on your smartphone.

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Step 2- Tap on Telegram folder: When you click on the file manager/my files, you will see an entire list of folders present in your phone divided into recent files and internal storage.

  • Tap on internal shared storage where you’ll see a number of folders.
  • Scroll through them to find the folder of telegram. If you are unable to find it, you can search for it in the search bar given above.
  • Tap on the telegram folder when you find it.

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Step 3- Tap on telegram documents & all your files will be present here: The telegram folder will open up more folders such as telegram audio, telegram video, telegram images, and telegram documents.

  • You have to tap on telegram documents as you want to recover deleted telegram files.
  • You will then be able to view all the documents that were shared with you on telegram, including the ones that got accidentally deleted.

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All your files that get deleted in the chats can be recovered by using the above method. Thus, by following this step-to-step guide, you will be able to access and recover deleted telegram files. To make sure you don’t lose your files from file manager, you can create a separate new account. You can store these important files by sending them to a new folder or copying it to another folder.


  1. You can only see telegram files in the files/file manager that the user has already downloaded from the chats. In your android device, you need to click on the downward arrow to download the file. That will automatically store your file in file manager as well.
  2.  On Apple devices, you need to click on the downward arrow and then open it. Then, click on the square icon with an upward icon located at the top of the opened document or pdf. Only after you select the option of “save to files,” will your file will be loaded in the in-built files app.
  3. Other methods to recover deleted telegram files include using recovery tools or searching through the cache folder.

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