How to Scan Telegram QR Code

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Do you want to scan the Telegram QR code to use on desktop it is one of the latest features provided by the telegram that is very easy to use for desktop users now we don't need a username and password to log in? Just need to scan the QR code from our mobile phone and it will be an accessible same application on the desktop version. Telegram is a widely used app to send and receive text messages and voice messages. Since it is a cloud-based system, we can share huge files over a few seconds across Telegram. We are going to explain step-by-step guide how to scan the QR code on Telegram in a very simple way.

How to Scan Telegram QR Code in Phone

Scan Telegram QR Code in 6 Steps

Step 1- Open Telegram App Download the Telegram App on your phone.

  • If you are using an Android model, you can download it from Google Play Store. For Apple models, we can download from App Store.
  • Create an account in the telegram account by entering a new user name and mobile number. You'll get an OTP for verification.
  • You can check out this article to create a new telegram account.

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Step 2- Tap on the three-bar icon Upon setting up the Telegram on your mobile device, open the app. You will find the 3 bar icon on top of the page. Click it. It'd host a couple of options.

  • This option opens the telegram menu bar.
  • Click on it just for one time.

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Step 3- Tap on settings Upon opening the telegram bar, you'll find a couple of options including - New Group, Contacts, Calls, People Nearby, and so on. Towards the end, you'll have an option - Settings.

  • It hosts all the options to adjust or change various features in Telegram.
  • Click on it once.

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Step 4- Tap on devices After opening the settings, you'll have your name and profile picture on top of the page, along with your mobile number, username, and Bio. Beneath this, we have settings for Notifications and Sounds, Privacy and Security, Data and Storage, Chat Settings, Folders, and Devices.

  • Devices are the option used to manage your account on various devices including mobile and laptop.
  • Click on it once to open the option.

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Step 5- Tap on the scan QR code After opening the "Device" you'll view details about the current device you are using in your Telegram App.

  • Below this, you'll have an option - Scan QR Code.
  • Click on this option once.
  • This page also hosts details about all the other devices your telegram account is logged in to.

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Step 6- Now tap on scan QR code At the end of the page, you'll have an option "Scan QR Code".

  • By clicking the Scan QR code, your camera gets activated.
  • Before using this, make sure you have downloaded the app on your PC/Laptop from the link or
  • On your desktop Telegram, open the QR code.
  • Show your mobile against the QR code on your laptop.

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By now, you must have got a clear idea of How to Scan the QR code in the Telegram app. Similarly, you can also learn How to Enable Telegram Notification.

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