How to Change Telegram Download Path

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How do you feel when you're downloading Telegram videos and the message "free up your storage space" appears? Isn't it annoying when you realise you don't have enough internal storage for your Telegram videos? This tutorial will demonstrate how to change the Telegram download location in simple steps using photographs.

How to change telegram Download Path on your PC

Change Telegram Download Path: 5 steps

Step 1- Open the Telegram App: On your smartphone, launch the Telegram app. The backdrop of the app is blue, with a white emblem in the middle.

  • On this background, they drew a white paper plane. If you already have Telegram installed on your phone, look for it in the app menu or the main menu.
  • Here's how to get Telegram up and running.
  • By clicking on it, you may select this app. The app's home screen opens when you press it.
  • The magnifying glass symbol appears in the upper right corner of this screen. To do a search, use this button. The backdrop of the app is blue, with a white emblem in the middle.

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Step 2- Tap on the three-bar icon: You'll get a list of all the conversations you've had when you initially open the app.

  • You'll be able to view the groups and channels to which you've been invited.
  • You may also view all of the new messages you've received in the past several days.
  • On the upper left side, you'll see a three-bar sign.
  • Tap on it once more.

image title Change Telegram Download Path step 2

Step 3- Tap on settings: A pop-up screen appears on the left side when you tap it.

  • Your username and profile photograph will be included.
  • You may create a new group right here on this page.
  • You may also use this to communicate with your Telegram contacts.
  • The Settings option may be found at the very end.
  • Click it once in a while.

image title Change Telegram Download Path step 3

Step 4- Tap on data & storage: You'll see a number of sub-options when accessing the settings.

  • You can alter the security and privacy settings.
  • You may also see and modify your account's data and storage settings.
  • The conversation settings may also be accessed.
  • Data Storage will be yours.
  • Once, tap it.

image title Change Telegram Download Path step 4

Step 5- Tap on the storage path & select desired option: You may now alter the storage path.

  • You'll be able to see all of the possible storage routes.
  • You have the option of selecting a preferred one.
  • The option is autosaved once completed.

image title Change Telegram Download Path step 5

What Are the Advantages of Changing the Default Storage Location for Telegram?

  1. Assume that your device is a pair of human hands. When you hold a 20-pound bundle in your right hand, your right arm is put under a lot of strain. If you divide the packet 10/10 between both hands, it will be easier for your body to manage it.
  2. To put it another way, your smartphone will run more smoothly and swiftly if you attach an external SD card to it and keep all of your Telegram download videos/movies on it. You are putting less burden on your smartphone by not overloading it with heavy items, which is also good for your Telegram app. In Telegram's default internal storage, just the app cache and other data will be kept.
  3. It also prevents your Telegram client from becoming slow and sluggish. It will split the space into two halves and guarantee that your device and app are always operational.

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