How to Restore Telegram Deleted Photos

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It is very scary when you delete photos that you received on Telegram. The photos might be important, some special memory, occasional photos, photos of friends or family, and so on. You cannot even dream to have those photos deleted.

But there is nothing to be worked up about. You can easily restore telegram deleted photos in no time. Sometimes, when you are using telegram as a beginner, you delete chats and thus, lose photos along with it.

Well, some mistakes can be corrected in the digital space. Let us go through with the process of getting your loved photos back and restored on your device. 

How To Recover Deleted Telegram Pictures

Restore Telegram Deleted Photos: 4 Steps 

Step-1 Go to File Manager: On your Android phone, you should have access to a file manager or a files option. You may also open the folder to see all of the documents.

  • Google Files is available if you have a Google-powered phone.
  • If you have any other Android devices, you're almost certainly using a file manager.
  • To locate the File Manager, use the phone's search bar.
  • Give it a quick tap after you've discovered it.

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Step-2 Go to the Storage Options: The software will commence after you tap on it.

  • It will display all of your available storage options.
  • If you're using a phone, you'll have storage and a memory card.
  • Find out where all the Telegram data is stored.
  • The Telegram Folder may be found by browsing the phone's memory and SD Card memory.
  • So, you can even just search for 'Telegram' and find your answer. 

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Step-3 Open the Telegram Folder: On locating the telegram folder, you need to open it. 

  • Under this folder itself, the Telegram data is stored. 
  • This folder is created by default when you start using the application of Telegram. 
  • All the small and big files are stored under this as per the category. 

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Step-4 Tap on Images and Restore: You'll find everything you need right here.

  • Here, locate the folder of telegram images or telegram photos. 
  • Open the folder. Thus, you will find all your sent and received images here. 
  • You can store these photos in your gallery too.

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Isn't it quite simple to restore Telegram deleted photos? You can get all your photos. You can directly use those photos from there itself. You do not need it anywhere. The photos will not delete from here unless you do it manually. So, they are quite safe in your file manager. 

What If I Do Not Find THe Telegram Folder in Storage? 

If you do not find the telegram folder in your file manager, we are sorry to say, you have no way. You can restore Telegram backup to get back your files. Other than that, you cannot do anything. However, you can ask the sender to resend you all the images that you lost. 

I Want To Create Telegram Channel. How Can I Do It? 

You simply have to open the telegram application, choose the Pen icon, and click on create Telegram channel. You can create Telegram Channel for any purpose that you wish to. It is mostly used for sharing about a common interest or purpose.

It can even be used for information sharing. People can post their opinions and discuss about different topics at different times. Channels are purely passion and interest-driven on such a social media platform. 


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