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Have a work to submit in google classroom? Check out this simple article with detailed steps to submit your work in less time. You can submit multiple work assignments or any other work in class very efficiently. Students will be relieved with this article as they can submit their work very quickly. In addition, know-how can you add assignments to google classroom? Now let's evaluate the steps to submit in class. Let's get started!

How to Submit an Assignment in Google Classrooms

Submit In Google Classroom With 4 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open App: Since you are here to use the classroom app.

  • You have to first check whether you have the app on your device or not.
  • To get the classroom app you have to visit the google play store.
  • Now if you have the app.
  • Then click on the app icon.
  • Next, open the classroom app on the screen.
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Step-2 Open class: Once you have the homepage of the classroom app on your screen. Now you have to open any class on the screen.

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Step-3 Open assignment: After successfully opening the class. From there you have to go to any assignment.

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Step-4 Click on '+Add work' & Press 'Mark as done: Now on the assignment page you need to click on + Add work.

  • Then submit the work.
  • You can choose to add photos or slides to your assignments too.
  • Lastly, click on Mark as done.
image title Submit in Google Classroom step 4

As you saw, submitting any work or assignments in google classroom is smooth and quick using the above-given steps. Before submitting any work on google calssroom, the student must edit and format the assignments appropriately to avoid any errors in future.


Can You Submit The Pdf In The Google Classroom?

Yes, the students can submit the pdf in the class. They can attach a pdf to google classroom after they have completed their assignments on it. In addition, you can even submit a PowerPoint in google class.

Who Can View The Submitted Assignments Of Students?

The teachers and co-teachers can view the submitted assignments and works of students. This is only possible when students have completed and submitted the assignments in google classroom.

How Many Times Students Are Allowed To Submit In Google Classroom?

The student can submit their work in google classroom as many times as they want. There are limitations to it. In addition, the students can submit their assignments in the form of pdf, PowerPoint, photos, video, google slides, etc.

Do The Teachers Of the Classroom Have To Submit The Assignment In Class?

No. The teachers of the google class don't have to submit the work. However, they need to prepare the assignment topics and assign them to all or one group of students. The teachers have the freedom to create approx 100 topics per class assignment or work.

Can One Classmate View The Assignment Of The Other Classmate In Google Class?

No, one classmate cannot view the other classmate's assignment in google class. Although, the teachers can view assignments. But classmates don't have permission from google classroom yet to view other assignments other than their assignments.

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