How to create groups in Google Classroom

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Go through this article and know how to create groups in Google classroom. Are you planning to assign group assignments to students? Here making groups in class is a great option to make students understand teamwork. You can even add events on google classroom groups for reminders. Now let's evaluate the steps to create the groups in class. Let's start quickly!

Creating groups in Google Classroom

Create Groups In Google Classroom With 7 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open website: You need to begin by opening your mobile or laptop.

  • The next step is to straight go to any browser on it.
  • Then search the website
  • At last, you have to open the classroom page on the screen.
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Step-2 Open class: Now after you have opened the homepage of the classroom app on the screen. Then you need to open the class.

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Step-3 Go to 'Classwork': Here on the class page, go to the classwork option. It contains all the work related to the class.

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Step-4 Click 'Create' & 'Assignment': Now you need to click on Create option. Then click on assignment.

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Step-5 Fill details: Now the assignment page appears on the screen.

  • Then fill in all the details like title, instructions etc.
  • Make sure you don't miss out on any information and fill it out correctly.
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Step-6 Click on Dropdown & Choose students: Then navigate a drop-down option. Next, click on it and choose the students to make the group.

image title Create Groups in Google Classroom step 6

Step-7 Click on 'Assign': The last step is to tap on Assign. Hence, you have successfully created groups on google class.

image title Create Groups in Google Classroom step 7

Can You Make 10 Groups In Google Classroom?

Yes, you can make 10 groups in google classroom. There is no restriction on creating groups in class yet. However, one person cannot be included in every group created on Google class.

Can You Subgroup Under Any Group In Google Classroom?

No, you cannot make any subgroup in the groups created in google classroom. This feature is not upgraded yet in the classroom app. Moreover, you can make subgroups in near future probably.

How Can You Create Quiz Assignment In Google Classroom?

Start with opening the Classroom app or website on your screen. One can get the Classroom app from the google playstore.

  • Or they search the website on the browser.
  • Once the homepage opens up, then you have to open any class.
  • Next, go to classwork.
  • Then click on create.
  • Under it, you will find the option of Quiz assignment.
  • Click on it.
  • Then start preparing the quiz assignment.
  • Lastly, tap on assign.

Can You Include Teachers In Groups In Google Class?

Yes, you can. Once you have created the groups in google class. You can add students as well as the teachers in the group. Moreover, you can add multiple teachers to different groups.

Can You Assign Multiple Choice To Google Class Group?

Yes, you can do that. You can create a multiple choice test in google classroom easily. In addition, you can add these tests to any group created on google class.

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