How to Add a Co-Teacher to Google Classroom

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To seek the help of another teacher during the class you may need to add a co-teacher to Google classroom. Multiple teachers in google class shape the topic more interesting to students. The owner of the class can add co-teachers for some important suggestions and inputs. One can change or transfer the google classroom to another Gmail account too. Now let's take a glance at the steps!

Inviting Co-Teacher in Google Classroom

Add A Co-Teacher To Google Classroom In 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open App: The very first step is to make sure that you have the classroom app installed on your device.

  • Moreover, if you don't have the app on your device.
  • Then you can get it from Google Play Store.
  • Once you have downloaded the app on your device.
  • Then you have to click on it.
  • At last open the app on your screen.
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Step-2 Open class: After you have opened the classroom app on your screen. From the home page, you have to open any class.

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Step-3 Click 'People': Once the class opens on your screen. Then you have to go to the people option. Next click on people.

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Step-4 In teachers click add people Now you will see all the people added to the class. Scroll down and go to teachers. Next click on add people in front of it.

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Step-5 Write an email to the teacher & invite: To proceed further you have to write an email to the teacher whom you want to add to the class. Next click on invite.

image title Add a Co-Teacher to Google Classroom step 5

with a few steps mentioned above, you can add the co-teachers to the google class quickly.


How Many Co-Teachers You Can Add In The Google Classroom?

You can add up to 50 co-teachers in the Google classroom. However, you cannot exceed this limit. Although you can send invites to up to 250 teachers. But only 50 teachers can join the Google class.

Can The Co-Teacher Remove The Students From The Class?

Yes, the co-teacher can remove any student from the class. Each teacher who is added to the class is allowed to remove students from class.

Can A Student Add Or Remove The Teachers From The Class?

No, students don't have the right to remove any teachers from the google class. In addition, they have to only join the class with an invitation via code or email.

Do You Have To Add The Co-Teachers At The Start Of The Class?

Yes, you can add co-teachers at the beginning of the class. However, you can add the teachers in between the class too. There is no set time to add co-teachers to the google class.

Can You Have A Different Host During The Google Meet?

Yes. One can do that. You can change the host of the google meet conference. Moreover, you can choose to make any teacher as the host to take over the google class.

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