How to customize the google classroom banner

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Looking to Customise Google Classroom Banner? Check out this simple steps article to do so. Any teacher of google class can customize the banner of the class to make a difference for each class. This allows students to identify the classes more easily. Learn how can you add pdf to google classroom. Let's look at the steps quickly!

How to customize your Google Classroom banner

Customize Google Classroom Banner With 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open link: Here you need to first grab your mobile phone.

  • Open it and directly go to any browser on it.
  • Next, paste this website on the search bar.
  • Then search and open the classroom website on the screen.
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Step-2 Open the class you want to customize: From the homepage of the classroom website you have to open the class. Make sure you open the class on which you want to do customization.

image title Customise Google Classroom Banner step 2

Step-3 Go to stream & Click on 'Customise': From the class page, you have to go to the stream option.

  • On this, you will find customize option.
  • So click on it.
image title Customise Google Classroom Banner step 3

Step-4 Click on 'Select photo' or 'Upload photo': Once you open the customize option.

  • Then you have to click on the select photo or Upload photo.
  • Click on any options at your convenience.
image title Customise Google Classroom Banner step 4

Step-5 Choose a photo & press 'Select the class theme': Now the next step is to choose the photo for the banner. Select one photo then press on Select class theme.

image title Customise Google Classroom Banner step 5

Step-6 Press 'Save': Here you can choose the color of the banner. Then press save.

image title Customise Google Classroom Banner step 6

Within a few steps, you will be able to customize the google classroom banner as per your choice.


Can A Student Customize The Banner For Class?

No. The student cannot change or customize the banner of Google class. Only the teacher or school faculty has the right to customize the banner of any google class.

Can You Change The Default Account Of Google Classroom?

Yes, you can do that. One can change their default account of google classroom easily. In addition, they will receive all the new messages and notifications regarding class on their new account.

Can You Put Two Photos On The Banner Of Google Classroom?

No, you cannot put two photos on the banner. Although, you can merge two photos and save them in your gallery. Then use that photo for the banner of google class. Otherwise, you can only choose one photo for the banner.

Can You Put the Same Photo For Every Google Class Banner?

Yes, you can put the same photo for every google class banner. There is no restriction on putting different photos on every banner. Although, it is preferable to put different photos.

Can You Change The Settings Of Notifications Of Google Class?

Yes, you can choose to change the settings of notifications of Google Class. Furthermore, There is an option to get notifications through email. So you can turn this on or off at your convenience.

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