How to comment in google classroom

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Are you a student in Google Classroom? To avail the answer to your questions or get your query resolved. Get to know how you can comment in Google Classroom. One can also interact with other classmates through comments. Learn how can you make your groups in google classroom and sign group assignments. Now let's take a glance at the steps to leave a private comment in class.

How to post comment in google classroom

Comment in Google Classroom With 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open App: Start with opening your available devices.Whether you have a mobile phone or pc. Then check that you have installed the classroom app on it. In case you don't have the app then you can get it from the google play store. Lastly, open the classroom app by clicking on it.

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Step-2 Open Class: From the homepage of the Classroom app you need to open the class on the screen.

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Step-3 Add class comment: The next step is to scroll down on the class page. Then add a class comment.

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Step-4 Open assignment: To proceed further, now you have to open the assignment.

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Step-5 Add a private comment: Now from the two options: Add a private comment and Add a comment to a particular student or teacher. Here you need to choose to add a private comment.

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With these steps, one can smoothly add the comments in google classroom. Furthermore, they can add private or normal comments as well.

Who Can See The Private Comments In Google Class?

Private comments can be seen by the teacher only. No student or classmate has the access to view private comments. Plus private comments are section are present in every assignment of google class.

Can A Student Delete The Private Comments In Google Class?

No, the student cannot delete private comments from the class. However, the teacher or co-teachers of the class can delete the private comments. Even they can reply to all the private comments.

Who Can View And Reply To Class Comments?

Every student and their classmates can view the class comments. Even they can reply to those comments as well. In addition, teachers can view and reply to class comments as well.

Can A Student Add A Topic Or Post To Google Classroom?

No, the student is not allowed to add topics or posts to google classroom. The teachers can add topics to google classroom for any new posts. They can create only 100 topics per class.

How Do Teachers know About Private Comments In Google Class?

The teachers are notified when any student leaves a private comment. Moreover, they have to keep the notification on in their settings of the classroom app.

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