How to block ads on Facebook app

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It's obvious that Facebook makes money via advertising, but the adverts and banners that show up on its sidebar can be a pain. The question now is how to disable Facebook ads and whether doing so is even a possibility. Because Facebook's administration is uninterested in it. There is no official guidance to stop them or opt out. As a result there is no way to ban Facebook advertisements from Facebook itself. Let's see how to block ads on Facebook app now.

Block ads on Facebook App in 5 Steps

Step 1: Open the Facebook app: The very first step you have to is the Facebook Application.

  • If you don’t have the app you have downloaded it from the Google Play Store.
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Step 2: Select on the 3 lines : Next you have to select the three lines which is at the top right corner of your screen. Do this after you have opened the app.

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Step 3: Tap on the settings icon: Once you have followed the previous steps, click on the settings option which is at the

  • This is at the top right corner of your page beside the search bar.
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Step 4: Tap on ad preferences: Now click on the Ads preferences after you have selected ads option.

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Step 5: Choose the ad and tap on hide ads: Lastly Choose the ads which are annoying you. Then click " Hide Ads" beside that option.

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This is how you can block ads on Facebook app which are annoying you. Also you can also update Facebook iphone.


Why are all the advertising in my Facebook feed?

Ads that are tailored to how you use Facebook-unrelated websites or appsThat is referred to as "retargeting" in advertising. Facebook gives marketers the option to "retarget" users who have visited their website or app outside of Facebook, which might lead to additional advertising appearing in your news feed.

Is there a Facebook app ad blocker?

AdGuard is a special ad blocker designed to get rid of banners, sponsored advertisements, and other kinds of ads. It can help safeguard your privacy and improve navigation.

Do apps that prevent ads actually work?

Although ad blocking is typically secure, you should always pick a reputable ad blocking programme. You should also be aware that ad blockers do not serve as a substitute for anti-malware software and do not offer complete malware and virus protection. They only conceal web ads from you.

How can I get rid of Facebook advertising on my iPhone?

Tap Ad Preferences under Permissions after scrolling down. Select Ad Settings. Select Data about your activities from partners under Manage Data Used to Show You Ads. Tap ON or OFF to decide whether we can display advertisements based on information about your online behaviour from partners.

How do I get rid of every ad on Facebook?

On Facebook, tap on the top right corner. Click Settings after swiping down. Select Ad Preferences under Permissions by scrolling down. You can update your interests, select which Facebook information we use to show you ads, and improve your overall ad settings from the Ad Preferences page.

You should know this question before doing anything to the ads on Facebook. For more follow Sirhow page.

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