How to Delete a Facebook App

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Do you want to delete a Facebook app? If yes, this article is for you. After you log in to Facebook on iPhone or Android, you can connect with your friends from any corner of the world. Although Facebook is a great app for social interaction, you might have your own reasons to uninstall the app. If you want to delete Facebook app, read on to find your step-by-step guide.

Delete a Facebook app in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Open the Facebook app: The easiest step is the first one. You simply need to open your Facebook app. You can get the app from Playstore if you don't have it already.

  • Additionally, if you don't want to get the app, try accessing it online through Google.
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Step 2: Tap on uninstall: Once you are on your Facebook, make sure you have checked all important notification or messages you might want to see. After you have checked your notifications and messages, go back to your home screen and long press the Facebook app.

  • Once you long press the Facebook app, you will see the option Uninstall. Click on it.
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Step 3: Tap on uninstall: Once you click on Uninstall, you'll be asked to confirm your action.

  • Click on Uninstall once again to confirm your action.
  • After you have confirmed your action by clicking on Uninstall, you will have completed the process of uninstalling the Facebook app.
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Just these 3 steps are going to be enough to help you remove a Facebook app. But if you still have a query, try reading the detailed answers to the frequently asked questions mentioned below to gain further clarity. Additionally, if you want to learn to delete messenger contacts, you can do it in a few simple steps.


Can I reinstall the Facebook app once I have removed it?

Absolutely. You can download the app again after you have uninstalled it.

Does my Facebook account also get deleted if I delete the Facebook app?

That's not true, your Facebook account remains even if you remove the app. You can still access it online.

If I delete the app, can I still access Facebook online?

That's right, even after you have removed the Facebook app, you can access Facebook online. For that, you just need to go to Google and type Once you do it, you need to enter your details to log in online.

Does deleting Facebook app delete the media I have posted online?

That's not true, the media that you have posted online does not in any way get deleted. All that happens is that your app gets removed, without anything happening to your account.

Can I have the Facebook Messenger app independent of Facebook app?

That's right, you can have the Facebook Messenger app independent of the Facebook app. Messenger need not necessarily co-exist with the Facebook app.

These FAQs are going to make sure that you are left with no questions whatsoever related to deleting the Facebook app.


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