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You can quickly locate the URL to any Facebook page. There is no problem if it is a personal or company page. Or whether you want to share the link or need it to make a social media icon for email or a website. Depending on whether you're using the Facebook mobile app or a web browser on your computer, the procedure varies a little. Let's see how to copy Profile Link Facebook App.

Copy Profile Link Facebook App in Just 4 Steps

Step 1: Open the Facebook app: Firstly you have to open the app from your mobile. Also you can check how to login in to Facebook on iphone.

  • If you don’t have the app, install it from Google Play Store.
  • Next login to your account
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Step 2: Tap on the profile icon: Click on your profile icon now. Thus means on your own profile picture. This is on the left side of your page.

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Step 3: Tap on the 3 dots: Once you have opened your profile by clicking on the profile icon, click on the three dots.

  • This is on the right side of your page.
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Step 4: Copy the link: Lastly Click on the stated option. Once you do it your URL is ready to get shared.

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Thus you can now easily copy Profile link Facebook App and send to anyone that you want to see your profile. Also update Facebook iphone for more latest techniques.


What is a link to a Facebook profile?

Like other web pages, each profile on Facebook has a distinct URL. It doesn't matter if this URL is a name or nickname or just a series of seemingly random characters; either way, it will take a browser to the profile page it refers to.

How can I copy the Facebook profile link of a friend?

To the right of the Friends and Message buttons, tap the three dots. 3. Navigate to the area with the Profile links. The URL is displayed; simply click Copy Link to add it to your clipboard for later use.

Whose Facebook account ID is this?

Your User ID, which connects to your Facebook profile but does not individually identify you, is a series of numbers. No matter if you choose to create a username or not, you already have a User ID.

Is it possible to modify my Facebook profile URL?

Change your Facebook profile's username (URL/vanity) here: On any Facebook page, select Settings by clicking the (drop down) icon in the top right corner. Click on Username. Click Save Changes after entering your new login information.

How come I can't locate my Facebook ID?

Try entering every email address and mobile number you've ever had (one at a time). Perhaps you put an outdated email address or mobile number to your account and completely forgot about it. If you signed up using a nickname, try entering other spellings of your name. If you've created a username, type it in.

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