How to Copy Post Link on Facebook App

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Regardless of the device you're using to browse Facebook, once you know how to do it, copying the link of a particular post is simple. I'll go over how to do it step-by-step for all popular devices in this article. That way, whether you browse Facebook on a computer, a phone, or a tablet, you'll be aware of how to do it. Let's see how to copy the post link on the Facebook app.

Copy Post Link on Facebook App in Just 4 Steps

Step 1: Open the Facebook app: From your device, open the Facebook app. If you don’t have the app downloaded previously, then install it from the Google Play Store.

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Step 2: Go to the post: Next, find or choose the post you want to copy the link from. There are numerous posts on Facebook, so choose carefully. 

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Step 3: Tap on the 3 dots: Next, choose the three dots beside the post that you want to share. 

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Step 4: Tap on copy link: Lastly, when you click the three dots option, you will see another set of options come up. From here, you have to choose the "copy link" option. 

Image Titled copy post link on Facebook app Step 4

This is how you can easily copy post links on Facebook. Also, you can login to Facebook on your iPhone and try the same thing.


What quick way is there to copy a link?

Ctrl+C is the shortcut key for selecting and copying text. Press Ctrl+V while positioning your cursor where you wish to paste the copied text.

How can I make a link shortcut?

Go to the website you want to bookmark in Google Chrome and click the three dots in the top-right corner of the browser window. Go to More Tools > Create Shortcut after that. After giving your shortcut a name, click "Create."

How come I can't share another person's post?

If the other account has blocked sharing, that is the second possible explanation for why you might be unable to share a post to your Story. The owner of a Facebook account can stop followers from sharing their posts.

Why am I unable to share a previous Facebook post?

If sharing was not enabled for the original content or the memory is not shareable, you might not be able to share it (for example, posts by others on your timeline). Find out who you can share with by doing some research.

Can I copy the link of a Facebook post from another user?

Any post from your Timeline, your News Feed, a group, a page, or another user's profile can be copied. Once you have copied it, you can now share it with anyone. This makes the post to get more viral and popular.

You should know the answers to these questions, and they are really helpful for you. Now that you know the concept, you can easily copy the link and share it with anyone. Also, you can update your Facebook on your iPhone for more latest techniques to use and discover.

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