How to Find Your Email on Facebook App

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You can find all your provided data on Facebook. Email is also one of them. Finding your email isn't a great deal where you are on Facebook. You can now find your email on Facebook. After you are done registering with your email id, you can log in on Facebook on your iPhone or Android using it. Here's how to find your email on the Facebook app.

5 steps to find your email on Facebook

Step 1: Open the Facebook app: Start with first opening the Facebook application. Open the Facebook application on your mobile and then go to the application collection of your mobile and tap on the Facebook application icon.

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Step 2: Tap on the 3 lines: As you will open the Facebook app, you will see three horizontal lines on the right upper corner of your screen so tap on these 3 lines.

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Step 3: Tap on the settings icon: As soon as you tap on the three horizontal lines, you will get to see a menu bar. This menu bar has one settings menu and one search bar. Click on the settings icon.

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Step 4: Tap on Profile information:After clicking on the settings icon, there is a section that reads as audience and visibility. This section will have an option that profiles information, and you have to click on this.

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Step 5: Check the e-mail: As you click on the profile information option, you will see all the account details and it will also have a phone number. Below the phone number is the email section where you can now find your email id on the Facebook app, whenever you want to.

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So finding your email on Facebook is very easy now! Start following the steps mentioned above and find your email in seconds.


Can I find email on the Facebook browser by following these steps itself?

These steps will help your find your email in your Facebook account in your application or even in your browser. The same no matter from where you access your account. Just follow the steps correctly.

Can I change my email later rather than just find it?

The first step to changing your email on Facebook is finding it. Until and unless you don't know how to find your email, you can never make changes to it. As you find your email id, you will also get options to make changes to it. You will see an edit option using which you can make further changes to your email account. So you can change email on Facebook on iPhone or Android.

What are the other things I can follow using this setting rather than just finding it?

You can follow these settings to find your email id and as you find it you can modify its privacy settings. You can select whether your email id can be viewed by all people, only your friends, or just you.

Is providing email while registering a must?

Yes, it is because you will be sent a verification code in your email as well.

Can I remove my email later?

No, you can't. Facebook will offer you to change or provide a new email id.

So, finding the email that you have provided while account opening is a way! All you need to do is follow these simple steps.

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