How to use Messenger without Facebook

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Messenger is one of the popular chat service worldwide because it is the part of Facebook, which is world’s leading social media platform. If you are on Facebook, you can easily use Messenger by using its account. You can chat with your Facebook friend. But, now you can use Messenger without Facebook.

What's required to use Messenger without Facebook?

Messenger is the chat service of Facebook. You open Facebook and automatically get connected to the Messenger. The process has been changed, Now you can separately use Messenger. You can use Messenger service without having a Facebook account.

You can use your phone number or your mail ID to complete the Messenger sign up process.

Steps to use Messenger without Facebook:

You can start Messenger on your mobile device without having a Facebook ID. You can use Messenger on separate Messenger ID. Let’s see how you can start Messenger app on your phone without Facebook.

  1. Open the app: Open Messenger app.
    use messenger without facebook
  2. Tap on ‘not on Facebook’: You see the option of log in with Facebook on the top. Tap on ‘not on Facebook’ option at bottom.
    use messenger without facebook
  3. Enter your mobile number: Enter your phone number, you want to use for messenger.
    use messenger without facebook
  4. Tap ‘continue’: Tap on ’continue’ to start the sign up process.
    use messenger without facebook
  5. Verify the number: Now you will get a verification code from Facebook. Copy the code and verify the number on Messenger.
    use messenger without facebook
  6. Enter your name: Enter your name for Messenger ID.
    use messenger without facebook
  7. Set profile picture: Choose a picture from your camera roll and use it for the profile picture.
    use messenger without facebook

Now, your account has formed. You can search the user in search tab. You can start the chat with any user on Messenger.  You don’t need to use FB to use Messenger.

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