How to Get Messenger on the Facebook App

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You can simply communicate with all of your friends using Facebook Messenger because it is connected to your Facebook account. The system facilitates voice, text, and video calls (including group video calls). To Get Messenger on the Facebook App you have to go into the Play Store. In this guide, we will cover the methods thoroughly.

Get Messenger Through Facebook:

Step 1: Open the Facebook app: As usual, you have to open the Facebook application first.

  • Facebook is a social media app through which we can post photos, posts, links ,etc.
  • Facebook application is generally available on Play Store.
  • Creating an account on Facebook is easy because it is free.
  • Connect with your friends and different types of people through this popular application.

Moreover, if you have internet issues, you can make the Facebook app use less data by turning on the data saver mode in the settings.

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Step 2: Tap on the Messenger icon: Secondly, after opening the Facebook application, you have to click on the Messenger icon. The messenger icon is at the top of your screen.

  • The Messenger icon is at your right corner.
  • There are three options present at the right side which are Add, Search, and Messenger icon.
  • Select the third option which is messenger icon.
  • Take a look into the image attached below to get a idea.

Basically, Messenger is termed "Facebook chat," which helps you talk to people by typing messages privately. Moreover, you have to create an account to use Messenger.

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Step 3: Tap on Get Messenger: Thirdly, you have to tap on the option of get messenger to download the application.

  • To download the messenger as application, you have to go to Play Store.
  • Messenger application is also free of cost.
  • You can chat privately with your friends after downloading the messenger application.
  • You need to create or log in to your account after installing it.

Moreover, after clicking on "Get Messenger," you will be redirected to the Play Store application, where you have to instal it.

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Step 4: Tap on Install: Lastly, you have to click on the install option. You will get that option after you scroll down at the bottom of your screen.

  • The size of Messenger application is 50mb.
  • You shoud have a internet connection to install it on your mobile.
  • You can also turn on wifi to download the application quickly.
  • See the picture attached below as a reference to this step.

Additionally, you can get the Facebook app the same way you get the Messenger application from the Play Store. The process is pretty easy to follow. Just type the name of the application and instal it quickly.

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Get Messenger Through Play Store:

Step 1: Open the Play Store: Firstly, you have to tap on the Play Store application to open it.

  • You have search and find out the Play Store app on your mobile.
  • Every device has the Play Store application previously installed.
  • Check the image given below to know how Play Store application looks like.
  • You get all applications inside the Play Store.

Moreover, you need to sign in with your Google account to access the Play Store. Log in with your Gmail and password to use the Play Store to download all applications available there.

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Step 2: Search for Messenger: Secondly, you have to click on the search bar present at the top of the screen. After that, search for the Messenger application.

  • See the image where the search bar is highlighted in red rectangle box.
  • Type the word 'Messenger' in the search space.
  • Then click on search.
  • The results will appear instantly.

However, on the right side of the search bar, you get two icons, which are Notifications and your profile. Notifications displays your recent messages on your logged-in Gmail. Profile option takes you to the account that is signed in the Play Store.

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Step 3: Tap on Install: Finally, you have to click on install option after the search results appear to download the messenger application on your mobile.

  • The install option comes in green color.
  • It will appear at your right side.
  • You can see the size of the application.
  • You can also see people's ratings over the application.

Moreover, you can make a video call in the Facebook app through the Messenger application. The quality of the video call is very good on Messenger.

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Therefore, follow these two methods to know how to get Messenger on the Facebook app.


How can I instal Messenger again?

Open your application manager by going to the settings on your phone. Select Messenger. Tap Uninstall, and then tap OK. Download the Messenger app from the Play Store once again to reinstall it.

Why is Messenger no longer available on my Facebook?

If your Facebook Messages symbol is gone from the left-hand column, you might have mistakenly deleted it. You must open and add to your favourites a website that lists every Facebook app that has been installed on your account in order to get it back.

Why am I unable to access Facebook Messenger?

Make sure you have the most recent version of the Messenger software installed if you're experiencing problems logging into Messenger. Visit the app store on your smartphone or tablet (such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) and download any updates there.

How do you activate Messenger on your business page?

Go to Messages under General Settings and then click Edit to enable Messenger for your page. Click Save Changes after selecting the option to accept messages on your page. Make sure Messenger is turned on so that potential clients may contact you.

Why did my Messenger messages vanish out of nowhere?

Your use of vanish mode may cause Facebook Messenger messages to vanish. When you exit a chat, the vanish mode function causes your messages to vanish. Additionally, Messenger may presume you don't want to read messages if you take longer than 14 days to read them and delete them.

Thus, read these five FAQs and understand the topic "how to get Messenger on the Facebook app." Additionally, share your feedback through comments.

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