How to See Memories on Facebook on iPhone

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To revisit the journey on your Facebook account, you can see your memories on Facebook on iPhone.

Your memories on Facebook contain all your posts, stories, friends, and other information since the very beginning of your account. You can also see your memories on other apps such as Snapchat. You can even enable automatic backup of memories on Snapchat. So, let's get to know about this amazing feature that enables you to see memories on Facebook on iPhone.

Facebook Memories Setting

See Memories on Facebook on iPhone in 3 Steps

Step-1 Open Your Facebook App: In the very first step, you have to open the Facebook application on your iPhone. The Facebook app is present in the app gallery on your iPhone.

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Step-2 Hover to the Menu: From the bottom right corner of the Facebook window, press the 'Menu' button. You can see the picture given below for reference.

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Step-3 Tap on 'Memories': There are various tabs in the Menu section of Facebook. From all those tabs, you have to choose the 'Memories' tab.

Now, you can see all the memories on your Facebook account.

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Can We Turn On The Notifications To See Facebook Memories?

To find Facebook Memories notifications, open your Facebook account and select 'Notifications' in the upper-right corner of your screen.

If you still do not get notifications about your Facebook Memories every day. Then, what you can do is access them manually both on your computer and on your smartphone and in this case, on your iPhone. You can also change the notification sound on Facebook and messenger.

How Can I See an Old Post On Facebook?

Saw a very nice video or photo on Facebook in the past but can not find it now. Don't worry! You can easily find an old post in the following ways:

  • Go to the right side of the search bar at the top of the app or website.
  • Then, you can just select whether you want to search posts, people, and photos, among other options.
  • Then, enter a search term you remember from the post or a specific keyword.

And then, it will show all the related results to you.

Does Facebook Show The Memories According to The Date?

Yes, on the Facebook app all the memories are sorted according to their dates.

You can find your memory of a particular date or day in the past. It is a quite useful feature for the users as all the past activities are sorted by the Facebook app according to their dates. So, you can just go and check your Facebook memories.

Can I Again Post the Facebook Memories on My Account?

If you want to share your Facebook memories with your friends on the app, then you can do that.

Just go to the particular memory that you want to share. And there you will easily find the option to share the memory on your Facebook feed. Your friends and the people that follow you can interact with those memories by liking, sharing or commenting on those.

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