How to Access Reels in the Facebook App

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Reels on Facebook are quick vertical videos that can last up to 90 seconds and can be found on your Reels page or Facebook feed. Compared to other Facebook formats, like posts with links, photographs, or videos, short videos allow you to communicate a wider variety of content in a more informal and condensed manner. To Access Reels in the Facebook App, you have to go into the Reels option from the top section. In the given article, there are two methods by which you can access reels over Facebook.

Access Reels Through Profile Icon:

Step 1: Open the Facebook app: Tap the Facebook application from your menu to open it.

  • If you have an account it will open directly.
  • Create an account with a registered Gmail and phone no if you don't have an account on Facebook.
  • See the image of the Facebook icon in the given picture.
  • If you don't have the application, download it by searching for it from the Play Store.
  • You can make the Facebook app use less data by turning on the data saver. 
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Step 2: Tap on the Profile icon: After that, click on the icon located just below the Home button. The icon is called the Profile icon.

  • You have to look left corner of your screen to find out the Profile icon.
  • You can see your image and spot it because the profile icon displays your profile image.
  • There are two options present along with the profile icon which are the status and photos options.
  • You can take a quick look at the image provided to make your steps easy.
  • Tap the profile icon to go to your profile, and then tapping your profile picture will help you view your old stories on the Facebook app.
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Step 3: Tap on Reels: Lastly, you have to tap on the Reels icon available in your profile.

  • After clicking on the profile icon you will be redirected to your profile page and there you will find the reels option.
  • Scroll down and find the reels option just below the about section.
  • You also have the option to create a new reel and upload it.
  • In this reels option, you can find your previously uploaded reels.
  • Change reels privacy on the Facebook app by going into your settings.
Image Titled Access Reels in Facebook App Step 3

Access Reels Through Videos Icon:

Step 1: Tap on the Videos icon: Firstly, you have to go inside the Facebook application and then find out the Video icon and tap on it.

  • The Video's icon is in the third position.
  • The Video's icon is highlighted in red color in the given image.
  • There are mainly six icons present in a line which are Home, Friends, Videos, Marketplace, Notifications, and Menu.
  • The other options also play a vital role in the Facebook application.
Image Titled Access Reels in Facebook App Step 4

Step 2: Tap on Reels: Lastly, after going into the Video's icon you have to tap on Reels. The Reels icon is in third place.

  • The Red arrow indicates the Reels option in the below image.
  • After clicking on that option you can check all your reels quickly.
  • You also have other icons like Live, Music, and Gaming.
  • Make sure you click on the reels option to access reels in the Facebook application.
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Take a look at both methods and read them carefully. After that, choose any one of them that seems to be your favourite and follow them to know the process of how to access reels in the Facebook app. Moreover, you can also check some of the FAQs mentioned below.


Where on Facebook do Reels show up?

Currently, the reels you produce on Facebook will show up in places like your reels profile, the Facebook reels section, and your Facebook feed.

However, according to Meta, beginning in February 2022, users will have more options for sharing reels on Facebook, including in Stories and the Watch tab.

Can you post Instagram reels to Facebook?

 Yes, you can post Instagram reels on Facebook. If you have an account, you can share your Instagram reels on Facebook. On both platforms, you can see the number of likes and comments. 

Can Facebook Reels be made profitable?

 Yes, Facebook is profitable because of the monetization. You can earn money through ads, too. Specially content creators make money through this technique because it is part of content creation. Just like videos on YouTube, you can make money from reels and make your dreams come true.

How are reels disabled in the Facebook mobile app?

 It is not easy to delete a reel permanently from the Facebook application. You have the option of hiding them from your timeline. You can activate that option, and the reels will disappear.

After hiding them, you can choose to "See fewer posts like this" to lessen how frequently Reels show up in your feed. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the post and choose "Hide" to hide Reels on the Facebook app.

How are Instagram reels different from Facebook reels?

Facebook Reels is merely the company's new platform for common users to produce and share little videos. It is identical to what Instagram provides. It is important to point out that Facebook Reels is compatible with both desktop and mobile operating systems (Android and iOS).

What are the dimensions and size of a Facebook reel?

Facebook Reels are 9:16 aspect ratio videos that range in length from 3 to 30 seconds. All videos must be 500 x 888 pixels in size, saved as an MP4 or MOV file type, and cannot be larger than 4GB in size. Video sound and captions are optional but highly advised.

What is the reel bonus programme?

The reels that receive the first thousand views are awarded a bonus by the Reels Play bonus programme over a 30-day period.

Thus, follow the steps written above to know how to access reels in the Facebook app. If you enjoyed this article, don't forget to like and share it. Share your personal thoughts in the comments.

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