How to Add Anyone on Messenger

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Messenger is a social media app that was made especially for chatting. It is the companion app of Facebook. You can chat, share, and call (video & audio) with any of your friends on Facebook through this app. Add anyone on messenger even if that person is not your friend. You can also add anyone from your phone contact just like you can add someone on WhatsApp on Android.

How to Add Someone to Facebook Messenger App? Add Contact on Messenger

Add Anyone On Messenger in 6 Simple Steps

Step-1 Open the Messenger App: Open the application on your android device. Please refer to the image shown below if you have any confusion related to the icon of the app.

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Step-2 Click on The Pencil Icon: Once you open the app you will see a page on which there would be a pencil icon. The pencil icon is in the above right corner of the page. So, click on this pencil icon and move to the next step.

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Step-3 Search the Person's Name: After clicking on the pencil icon, you will see a search bar. As you can see below, the place where "type name or group" is written. You have to write the person's name in that place who you want to add to the Messenger app.

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Step-4 Select the Contact Below: When you will type the name of the person in the search bar, then you will see the search results below the search bar. Select the contact that you want to add or chat with, within the app.

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Step-5 Send a Message to Them: Once you select that person's contact from the search result, their chat will get open in the app. You can now message them to add them to your chat list in the app. Whenever you will open the app you can see this chat.

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Step-6 You Can See the Person's Name: Now, once you message the person, you will be able to see their name and chat on your app. So, whenever you will open Messenger, you will be able to see that person's chat and name. You can now chat, share media, and call them anytime you want.

Image Titled Add Anyone on Messenger Step 6

Can I Create an Account Just on Messenger and Not on Facebook?

No, you cannot make a separate account on the messenger app. You have to make a Facebook account first and then you can log in to the Messenger app using your Facebook account.

Can I Also Create & Delete Groups on Messenger?

Messenger is a social media app just like Whatsapp or any other chatting app. You can easily create or delete a group on Messenger anytime you want. You can delete the groups that you don't like and add your friends to the groups that you want.

Can I Use Messenger Even if I Deactivated the Facebook Account?

Yes, your friends can still message you or you can still message them even if you deactivate your Facebook account. Using the Messenger app while your Facebook is deactivated won't activate your Facebook account until you do it yourself. So, use the app freely even while your Facebook is deactivated.

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