How to Clear Facebook Cache on iPhone

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Since the Facebook cache is of no use to you, you can simply clear the Facebook cache on your iPhone.

A cache is nothing but the extra information or in technical terms, the metadata of an application.

It does not contain anything resourceful.

So, it is better to just clear off the cache of an app.

Just like the Facebook cache you can also clear the Google Maps cache very easily.

Let's find out how to clear Facebook cache on iPhone with the help of this article.

How To Clear App Data On iPhone

Clear Facebook Cache on iPhone in 4 Steps

Step-1 Start the Facebook App: You have to begin this process by opening the Facebook app on your iPhone. The Facebook app icon is present in your Menu or iPhone's App Gallery.

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Step-2 Go to the Menu: Just like most of the other options, this option is also available in the 'Menu' of the Facebook app. So, click on the 'Menu' icon from the bottom.

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Step-3 Scroll Down And Tap on 'Browser': Then, scroll down in the menu until you find the 'Browser' option. Just click on the Browser button to move forward.

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Step-4 Click on 'Clear': In Browser settings, you find the option to clear your browsing data. Just click on that 'Clear' button beside the 'Your browsing Data' option.

It will clear off your Facebook cache in a matter of seconds.

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Is It Safe To Clear The Cache On Facebook?

We have already told you that cache is of no use to the application.

So, it is absolutely harmless to clear the cache on your Facebook app. A cache is also known as browsing data. This is because some cache is again formed whenever you browse anything on Facebook.

Does Cache Take Up Extra Storage Space In The App?

Usually, the cache contains extra and unnecessary empty files.

These empty files obviously take up some amount of extra storage in your Facebook app. If you do not clear your cache from time to time, then a lot of it will get accumulated. It can also slow down the functioning of Facebook on your device.

If you are still doubtful, then you can read about what happens when you clear cache on Snapchat.

What Happens if I Clear all Data From Facebook App?

You might end the losing all your important information if you accidentally clear all your Facebook data.

If you press the 'Clear Data' button on your Android phone to clear the local data on the app. Anything related to your account that is stored on your device will go away.

But your primary or your account information, and anything else stored on Facebook's servers is still safe and its database. It can then be recovered.

Will Clearing Cache Delete my Facebook Pictures?

The cache does not contain your Facebook pictures or other posts.

If you remove the cache from your Facebook app, then it will only delete the thumbnail cache and not your Facebook pictures. So, you should not worry while clearing the cache on your app as it will not affect your important data.

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