How to Leave a Group on Facebook App

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Are you also done with being there in so many groups on Facebook App account? Sometimes you are a member of so many groups that it becomes difficult to maintain a presence or it becomes difficult to manage every group of which you are a member of. Or sometimes you are forcefully added to a group. In this article, we will discuss how to leave a group on Facebook App in simple steps.

5 easy steps to leave a Group on Facebook App

Step 1: Open the Facebook app: Firstly to start with, you have to open your Facebook App and log in to your account. Download it if not there on the device.

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Step 2: Go to the group: When you open & login into your Facebook App, click on the group icon under the "For you" heading as shown below in the image.

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Step 3: Tap on the settings icon: When you click on the "group" icon, after that click on the "settings" icon as shown in the image. (immediate left-to-search option)

Image Titled Leave a Group on Facebook App Step 3

Step 4: Tap on Membership: After clicking on "settings", there will be multiple options in front of you, click on the "membership" option (the option with the icon of the door and right arrow as shown below).

Image Titled Leave a Group on Facebook App Step 4

Step 5: Tap on left: After clicking on "membership", the list of groups of which you are part will appear. Against every group, there will be a "Leave" option, click on that "Leave" option against the group/ groups you want to leave. You will leave that particular group after that.

Image Titled Leave a Group on Facebook App Step 5

So, these were the 5 simple and less time-consuming steps that will help and guide you to leave group/ groups quickly and in a hassle-free manner. These steps will be enough to make sure you leave the group.


Will the group members be notified if I leave a group?

Yes, the group members will get an update if you leave a particular group.

Can I watch the posts of a group that I left?

No, you won't be able to watch any post of a group that you left.

Can I join a group that I left previously?

Yes, by leaving a group you won't be blocked from that group. You still can join that particular group again.

Can we find saved posts on Facebook?

Yes, you can Find Saved Posts on Facebook on iPhone & android in these 3 steps:

  • Open the Facebook App
  • Click on the Menu
  • Tap on Saved

Can I make a Poll on Facebook?

Yes, you can Make a Poll on Facebook on iPhone or Android.

Finally, To conclude, there is a way to prevent confusion, if you are there in many groups. If someone has added you to a group without your consent, you can leave that particular group. To know how to leave a group or how to leave multiple groups, read this entire article. Also, read this article till the end to get some more information related to Facebook groups, polls, and Saved Posts.

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