How to delete Facebook Story on iPhone

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Many of us find it hard to delete Facebook story in an iPhone as the settings and formatting of an iPhone is a little hard.

Stories are a way of sharing our content with our friends and family. Instead of sharing it with everyone separately a common platform of putting story is give. When we put a story on Facebook it may be good or bad. When the story is not satisfying we delete it. Besides deleting stories on Facebook messages can also be deleted from messager.

How to Remove Facebook Story on iPhone

Delete Facebook Story On iPhone In 5 Steps

Step-1 Open Facebook App: For deleting your story on Facebook is to initially open the app Facebook on you iPhone.

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Step-2 Tap Your Story: The second step is to tap on the option ‘Your Story’ right next to ‘Create Story’.

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Step-3 Tap 3 dots: Nextly you will be able to see 3 dots at the top right of the screen. you would have to tap on that 3 dots.

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Step-4 Tap Delete Photo/Video: Then you have to tap on the option ‘Delete Photo’ to delete Facebook story. Other options like ‘Save Photo’ and ‘Archive Photo’ are also seen there.

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Step-5 Tap Delete: The final step after following all the above steps is to click on the ‘Delete’ to confirm you want to delete Facebook story. This will delete your story permanently.

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How Long Does A Facebook Story Last?

A story on Facebook only lasts for 24 hours. After 24 hours the story will automatically be removed. But even of it's removed you will be able to see it in your story archive but not visible in public.

Can You See How Many Times Someone Has Seen Your Story?

No, we cannot know see how many times someone has seen your story. People can keep on sneaking into your story but we will not be able to know because Facebook does not allow it till now. But if someone is frequently sneaking in for many times they will be caught once.

Are Facebook Stories Public?

The people you have chatted with in messenger your friends and family will be able to see your story. People who follow you will also be able to see your story but only people as your friends will be able to reply to your story. No one else who you don't follow can't reply to your story.

Does Facebook Notify Me If Someone Takes Screenshots Of My Story?
Unlike other social media like Instagram of Snapchat, Facebook does not notify us if someone takes a screenshot of your story. So anyone who sees your story can take a screenshot of your story without you knowing. And even if they take it, it does not break the law because it does not mention it is not allowed to.

How To Delete A Group On Messenger?

To delete a group on messenger follow these steps

  • First Open the messenger app.
  • Secondly Open the group.
  • Then click on the ‘i’ icon.
  • Next see your group members.
  • Then tap on ‘Remove From Group’.
  • Finally click on the option ‘Leave Conversation ‘.

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