How to View Pinned Post on the Facebook App

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Making a Facebook-pinned post is not at all difficult to do. Moreover, Facebook's pinned posts stand out from other posts that display on the timeline. Unless you unpin it, the post will remain at the top of the feed and be the first item you see while browsing other articles. The main purpose of a Facebook "pinned" post is to keep the post on your news feed unless you delete it. Follow the article to learn How to View Pinned post on the Facebook App.

View Pinned Post Through Profile:

Step 1: Open the Facebook app: First, you have to install the Facebook app on your smartphone.

  • The application is available at Play Store and App Store.
  • Discover the icon on your menu in blue color.
  • You have a search option on your phone, through which you can search for the application to find it easily.
  • It is necessary to have an account to do these steps.
  • Tap on the application to open it.

The Facebook application is highlighted in red in the image below. Additionally, use the picture every time to help you do the steps.

Image Titled View Pinned Post on Facebook App Step 1

Step 2: Tap on the Profile Photo: Secondly, you have to click on the profile photo. The Profile option is on top of your screen.

  • After entering the application, you have to look at the left top of your screen.
  • There you can see your profile photo, which you have to press.
  • If you don't have pictures uploaded to your profile, it will appear blank like it is in the picture.
  • You should turn on dark mode in the Facebook app when it is night.

Moreover, as you can see in the picture, there are many other icons present. The icons are status and picture. In the blank space, you can write something and post it as a status. Lastly, on the right side, the green picture icon helps you post a picture with one click.

Step 3: Tap on Pinned Post: Lastly, you can see your pinned posts after going into the profile.

  • A Pinned post is indicated by a red border.
  • It is easy to find pinned posts.
  • Carefully observe the image given below, to do the step quickly.

You can easily find pinned posts after going into the profile because the pinned posts appear at the top. Therefore, you can easily do these steps and locate it.

Image Titled View Pinned Post on Facebook App Step 2

View Pinned Post Through Settings:

Step 1: Tap on the 3 lines: Firstly, you have to enter the application. Then click on the menu (three lines).

  • You have to locate the three lines option on the right-hand side.
  • It is at the side of the notification icon.
  • Click on it.
  • Switch accounts and log on the Facebook app to find the pinned posts of your multiple accounts.
  • Internet connection is the main priority while doing this whole process.

Moreover, there are five options present in the picture. They are Home, Watch, Marketplace, Notifications, and Menu (three lines). You have to select the last one among them.

Image Titled View Pinned Post on Facebook App Step 3

Step 2: Tap on the Profile: Secondly, you have to click on the profile icon available after tapping the menu option.

  • You can see your image on the profile icon.
  • If the profile doesn't have any pic as a profile photo, it will appear blank.
  • You can see your friends in shortcuts as shown in the image.
  • The picture of your friends will appear.

If you have turned on the automatic option in your settings, the dark mode will turn on at night. Additionally, you enable it at night to use the mobile easily.

Image Titled View Pinned Post on Facebook App Step 4

Step 3: Tap on Pinned Post: Finally, you can locate pinned posts on your profile. It will appear as first.

  • The posts are pinned so that they appear first after going into the profile.
  • You can note the dates when the post is pinned.
  • The album's name is also visible.

A person pins a post on Facebook to see it later. Additionally, the option of pinning a post helps you make your work easier and faster.

Image Titled View Pinned Post on Facebook App Step 5

Therefore, you can find pinned posts on Facebook with the help of these two processes. The first process is through profiles, and the second one is through settings. Additionally, follow the images and captions to complete the steps quickly. Now, let's see the most frequently asked FAQs regarding this article.


Why am I unable to view a Facebook-pinned post?

When a post is pinned, it stays at the top of your profile until a new post is pinned. The only exception would be if Facebook took down the pinned post due to content that broke its terms of service. You can pin one post. Additionally, you can copy your pinned post link on the Facebook app and share it with your friends.

How can I search a group for a pinned post?

You must search manually in order to find a pinned post. Select the post from the list of pertinent posts that appears by clicking the search bar (the magnifying glass), entering the keyword, and then click the post.

What on Facebook is a "pinned post"?

A pinned post is one that you have saved to the top of your Facebook or Twitter page or profile. An excellent method to spotlight a significant announcement or showcase your greatest material is to pin a post.

In which Facebook groups are pinned posts located?

On your timeline, your pinned post is located at the top. The pinned post can be removed at any moment prior to the 7-day limit on its duration.

What places can I locate pinned items?

To view the items you've pinned, click the "Pinned" tab in the right pane. You can view an item in the listing area by clicking it on the Pinned tab, or you can double-click it to perform the object's default action.

Thus, read the FAQs provided to get your ideas clear. The process to view pinned posts on the Facebook app is easy after reading the short steps. Additionally, you can write comments to clear your doubts.

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