How to Tag People in Facebook Post on iPhone

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If you want to share your happiness with your friends on Facebook then you can easily tag people in Facebook post on your iPhone.

Whenever tag a person in a post on Facebook, then the person will be notified that you have tag them. That person will also be notified about every interaction with that post by your other friends. You can also wave your friends or wave anyone on facebook messenger. Let's dive into these articles and get to know how to tag people on Facebook in iPhone.

How to Remove a Tag on Facebook

Tag People in Facebook Post on iPhone in 5 Steps

Step-1 Open Facebook App: First of all you have to open the Facebook app in your device to move forward with the process.

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Step-2 Tap on 'What's on your mind?': Then, the first screen that will appear on your device will have the 'what's on your mind' option on the top. You have to simply click on this option to start your post.

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Step-3 Click on 'Tag People': After you have created your post, you have to click on the 'tag people' option as shown in the picture below.

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Step-4 Select the People: A list of all your friends on Facebook will appear in front of you now. You can select the people you want to tag in your post by clicking on their names.

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Step-5 Click on 'Done': After you are done adding the tags of your Facebook friends to your post, you simply have to press the done button at the bottom.

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How Many People Can We tag In a Single Post?

On a private account, you can tag up to 50 people on a single Facebook post.

You cannot tag more than 50 people as of now to your post. Also, remember that you can only tag those people who are your friends on Facebook or who are mutually connected with you on the Facebook app.

What Happens When We Tag a Person In a Post?

The particular person whom you have tag in the post will be notified by Facebook.

They can obviously like, comment, and react to the post. They can also share the post with anyone they want because they have access to it. The post will also be shown on their profile.

Can The Tagged Person Untag Themselves?

The people who have been tag dinner on the Facebook post can unpack themselves according to their choice.

If they do not like the post or if they do not approve of you tagging them in a post, then they can simply remove the tag themselves. In this way they will no longer be tagged in the post.

How Can We Add Anyone On Messenger?

You can easily add anyone on messenger in the following steps:

  • Launch 'Messenger'application in your device.
  • Click on 'Contacts'.
  • Then click on 'Add contact logo'.
  • Tap on 'Add'.
  • Enter the Phone Number of that person.
  • Tap on 'Add Contact'.
  • Send Message on Messenger.

Can We Multiple Contacts On Messenger at The Same Time?

At a single time, you can only one contact from your device to your messenger list.

Then, you can simply repeat the process for other contacts also.

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